PG1090 is Plasgad’s new multi-industry logistic pallet that has, according to the company, been designed to fit conveyors and automated systems, while offering “maximum strength” and “uncompromising safety.” 

Plasgad says that its new pallet can withstand many work cycles and that it is also fully recyclable – an advantage for companies that are committed to sustainability and environmental protection.

The pallet’s size is 1200X1000mm/48X40in, and it is available in a wide range of configurations with an open or closed deck. Meanwhile, the solution has a racking capacity of up to 750kg/1653lb without metal reinforcement but, if required, the pallet’s racking capacity can be upgraded by adding metal bars. 

The metal bars can be added in two configurations: an “H” configuration for static loads, which provides a racking capacity of up to 1200kg/2646lb and ensures greater stability during the collection process; or reinforcement with 3 vertical metal bars, which make the pallet suitable for dynamic loads of up to 2 tons/4410lb.

The pallet can also be equipped with technological add-ons to provide important information about the goods throughout the transit process. Options for tracking include adding a barcode label, embedding a QR code, or embedding an RFID sticker in a designated area on the pallet. Customers also have the option of adding a GPS/IOT tracking device. 

The pallets come with optional safety rims of three different heights, one of which is tailored to fit plastic crates. In addition, Plasgad has developed a solution for a well-known “weakest link” for many of its customers: the problem of slipping goods.

The company provides two solutions that prevent slipping: Anti-slip strips placed along the pallet, and the option of adding anti-slip rubbers to support goods and prevent them from slipping off the forklift.

Iftah Poran, VP of R&D at Plasgad, says: “The PG1090 is an innovative pallet which offers an optimal solution for logistics systems. It’s a strong and durable pallet, which will give our customers peace of mind and eliminate the need to deal with unnecessary work processes.

"Its huge advantage is the ability to make precise adjustments based on every customer’s specific needs, so we can say that we’ve developed a single solution that can meet a wide range of needs.”