Just over a year from now, it will once again be time for the European packaging sector to meet in Nuremberg, where they can discuss the latest trends and developments in the packaging market and develop solutions for the entire sector. 

A year before the next event cycle, FachPack is already fresher, stronger and has a higher profile with its new brand identity “Tomorrow begins when you create it”. A new assortment and grouping of the products and services on offer creates clarity and will help exhibitors and visitors find their way around. FachPack covers trending topics in the sector, creates fresh momentum, encourages discussion all year long, and ultimately presents tangible solutions by and for the packaging industry in a compact three-day exhibition from 25 to 27 September 2018.  Die europäische Verpackungsbranche trifft sich 25. bis 27. September 2018 wieder auf der Fachpack in Nürnberg.

“We have been in the midst of the acquisition phase for a few of weeks now and it is going so well that the 12 exhibition halls will very likely be almost completely booked up by the year’s end,” Heike Slotta, Executive Director for FachPack, is pleased to note. Both exhibitors and visitors to FachPack can also look forward to several innovations in 2018.FachPack with a fresh look: “Tomorrow begins when you create it”FachPack will launch its new exhibition cycle with a new look and a clear structure. “We deliberately chose ‘Tomorrow begins when you create it’ because it embodies the exhibition’s innovative spirit and pragmatic approach,” Slotta explains. The leading European trade fair for packaging, processing and technology will be just as solution-oriented, specific, reliable and pragmatic as ever in 2018. FachPack is the compass for the sector, which will next meet at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg in 2018 and 2019. 

FachPack is already pooling sector expertise and contributing to the transfer of knowledge 12 months before the exhibition begins by gradually addressing specialist topics and encouraging discussion. “We will already be bringing up relevant trends, such as digitalisation, Industry 4.0, automation and changes in consumer and user behaviour, in the run-up to exhibition preparations and integrating them into the supporting programme at the exhibition,” Slotta announced. A clear focus on packaging materials and packaging machinesFachPack has been the meeting place for the European packaging market for years thanks to its established and unique exhibition portfolio. “To address our broad spectrum of target groups even more clearly, we have reworked the product directory for FachPack and integrated the latest technical trends and developments,” says Slotta. Starting in May 2018, packaging materials, packaging accessories, packaging materials, labelling and marking technology, peripheral packaging machinery and equipment, packaging printing and finishing, intra-logistics and packaging logistics and services for the packaging industry will be represented in the Exhibitor and Products Database. Before the exhibition begins, visitors can select those exhibitors that offer the right solution for their packaging problem or arrange in-person meetings in advance based on individual settings and using an enhanced filter function.

The most important areas of packaging and technology will be showcased even more clearly in 2018, something that is reflected in the new floor plan and continues in the supporting programme: Both the reorganisation into the two large exhibition areas and a focal point in each hall will ensure greater clarity and help our exhibitors and visitors find their way around. www.fachpack.de/floorplan

“PackBoxForum has been so well received by our visitors in recent years that we are splitting the content on offer into two forums in 2018,” Slotta adds. PackBox Forum specialises in packaging, packaging printing and finishing, while TechBox Forum focuses on packaging technology and logistics. Both forums will present theme-based and forward-looking content and FachPack will showcase its expertise in different areas along the process chain for packaging. Thanks to cooperation with well-known partners, the diversity of the sector will be displayed more clearly than ever at FachPack 2018. Tangible solutions for visitors from packaging-intensive sectorsVisitor groups at FachPack increasingly come from the packaging-intensive sectors of manufacturers and users of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging for industrial and consumer goods from trade and industry. Their suppliers and equipment providers are also in attendance. The main focus is on the most lucrative and significant sectors of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, cosmetics, chemicals and automotive. FachPack offers tangible solutions for all products and goods that need packaging:

From double-wall folding boxes to protect glass containing liquid medicines against breakage to batch codes for seamless traceability using best before dates, successful impact on consumers that includes responsibility for the environment, climate and carbon dioxide emissions to practical single sizes, personalised packaging, smart transport solutions and packaging that gives food an extended shelf life. 

More than 1,500 exhibitors from all areas of the packaging process chain will present themselves to well over 40,000 visitors in a compact three-day exhibition in September 2018, where the motto is: “Tomorrow begins when you create it” – at FachPack 2018.

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