BUBL Packaging has announced the availability of BUBL Wrapping, which replaces several traditional packaging components to provide very strong protection for fragile, awkward or large products. 

BUBL Wrapping is inflated only when needed, dramatically reducing demand for warehouse space, and it can be reused many times – making it environmentally friendly and highly cost - effective. In addition, with BUBL Wrapping the packing process is much faster than with traditional packaging. A growing number of companies have stopped selling some products on – line because the cost of transit damage, which accounts for around 7% of all product shipments on average*, makes it unprofitable; with BUBL Wrapping transit damage is virtually eliminated. Following strong sales growth in the past year of the original BUBL Bags the company invested in product development and launched two new product lines (BUBL Pods and BUBL Cases) at the Internet Retailing Expo/eDelivery Expo at the NEC in Birmingham in March.   The company has also created a new service, BUBL Tec, for customers who need a customised solution. BUBL Tec utilises the technology behind the BUBL Packaging products and enables rapid customisation of its protective packaging to develop innovative bespoke solutions.

Ross Woodburn, managing director, BUBL Packaging said: “BUBL Wrapping makes it easy and fast to protect a wide range of awkward or large products, and because it replaces several traditional packaging items it is highly cost - effective. Factor in the cost of replacements for damaged goods and it is easy to see why the new product is taking off so rapidly.” 

Craig Sanders, Purchasing & Service Manager, Induced Energy, commented: “We recently changed to BUBL Packaging products; our packing materials were not eco - friendly and were very expensive. As we manufacture some delicate products (including large sheets of glass) the materials we use are paramount to the safety of our products, which are shipped across the world. BUBL Wrapping has greatly improved our products safety and has made our entire process more eco - friendly as it is fully recyclable.”

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