Miko Pac, an international provider of plastic packaging, and Bockatech, developer of EcoCore® foamtech for lightweight reusable and recyclable packaging - with whom we spoke very recently about their approach to reuse - have today announced a new agreement.

The deal will see Miko Pac manufacturing low-cost reusable and recyclable polypropylene cups for food service providers using Bockatech's EcoCore foamtech.

Talking about why Miko Pac chose to use Bockatech's innovative technology Kristof Michielsen, Managing Director at Miko Pac, said: "EcoCore is very easy for us to work with as we can make mouldings with our existing injection moulding machines and equipment. It also uses polypropylene plastic that we have a lot of experience of using for our existing food packaging."

Optimised for use with Borealis polypropylene (PP), Bockatech EcoCore creates packaging with skin-foam-skin walls instantly — increasing strength, reducing material use and boosting thermal protection.

"As a company we're committed to creating more sustainable packaging with added value. The new cups will cut environmental impact as well as offer packaging suppliers and food service providers scope to innovate with reuse

"With EcoCore, we'll be able to supply reusable recyclable to-go cups with very good insulation properties for hot drinks" said Michielsen.

Against popular single-use dual wall lined PE and PLA compostable paper cups, reusables made with EcoCore says it has shown a 20 – 30% reduction in CO2 eq after just two uses. After 30 uses the reduction in CO2 eq increases to 80 – 85%.

According to the company, using an EcoCore reusable just twice also halves the risk of containers polluting land and sea environments as litter. Using a cup thirty times reduces the risk by 1/30th.

Speaking about Miko Pac and new opportunities for more sustainable packaging, Henri Gaskjenn, CEO at Bockatech, commented: "A clear ambition of the EU Single Use Packaging Directive is to reduce the amount of packaging placed on the market and increase sustainability. Miko Pac has recognised that light weight recyclable reusables will play a big part in this and is taking the new opportunity for durables.

"The high cost of existing reusables limits how they can be used. EcoCore creates low-cost reusables that give brands and organisations more freedom to find out how reuse will best work for them."

Initially Miko Pac will produce both 250ml and 430ml cups that can be supplied with and without PP In Mould Labels (IML) for full colour branding. To improve recyclability, cups can also be provided with PP single-use and reusable lids, keeping the whole container solution mono material.

Both cup types will be available in December this year.