In addition to durability, consumer friendliness in packaging manufacturing is becoming more important. Even large cardboard packaging must be functional and attractive, both from the perspective of transport and the end consumer. For this reason, the need for innovative packaging design, high print quality, and colour has grown.

The challenge for Adara Pakkaus was to produce visually appealing packaging that was durable enough to withstand warehousing and transport. The thinner tape Lemtapes provided enabled high-quality printing on cardboard packaging, making it possible for Adara Pakkaus to achieve a more distinctive and memorable brand look. The thinner Slim Tape provides more options overall for developing unique and distinctive packaging, both in design and implementation.

Lemtapes emphasises sustainability

For Lemtapes, it's critical to offer ecological solutions for its customers – and environmental sustainability is a key focus in their continual product development efforts. That’s why most of Lemtapes' products are available in the form of cellulose-based Pure Tape, which won the FEFCO Sustainability Award in Geneva, Switzerland in 2019.

Lemtapes' Pure Tape innovation replaces the plastic fibres used previously in the reinforcement tapes of corrugated cardboard packaging. Aiming to be entirely biodegradable, Pure Tape's primary raw material is cellulose – and 75% of Pure Tape is composed of bio-based material.

Lemtapes has developed Pure Tape alongside Eco Tape, another environmentally friendly tape. Eco Tape is composed entirely of recycled material and can be used either as a reinforcement tape or opening tape. In terms of functionality, it is identical to Lemtapes’ Carton Tape.

Using Pure Tape or Eco Tape to reinforce cardboard packaging reduces its overall carbon footprint.

Aside from ecological tapes, Lemtapes has designed several products to benefit the packaging industry, such as Open Tape, which work together to offer a frustration-free customer experience.

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