A number of retailers including Superdry, Morrisons and Very have joined Mainetti’s closed-loop recycling initiative, Polyloop.

Mainetti Polyloop is a global clear polythene recycling process that enables Mainetti to provide its customers with a closed-loop recycling system for all of their clear polythene sourcing requirements.

The combination of Mainetti’s network means that, for the first time, it can offer customers the ability to source clear polythene film containing 30% recycled scrap material from anywhere in the world. The process sees scrap materials collected, cleaned and processed within the UK before being distributed to Mainetti’s manufacturing sites offshore.

This global initiative leverages Mainetti’s network of 47 manufacturing and recycling operations across the globe.

So far, the retailers have been using Mainetti Polyloop for its consistent supply of recycled content. According to the company, the polyethylene film it provides via this initiative clears any print and labelling and therefore creates the “highest level of clarity for post–consumer recycled content.” Mainetti reportedly has the capacity to process 4,000 tonnes of recycled materials per year.

Keith Charlton, CEO at Mainetti, comments: “We recognise this move is needed to accelerate the changes we all need to make if we are to reduce carbon emissions in line with the commitments made in the Paris Accord and Mainetti recently joined the Ellen MacArthur Network to be part of the community that is working to drive change on a global scale.

“Through the introduction of Mainetti Polyloop, it is our aim to help retailers and global supply chains tackle some of the issues they are facing and ensure that circular processes are built into every aspect of the manufacturing process.”

Mainetti started to introduce the concept of Mainetti Polyloop to leading fashion retailers in Europe through the innovation platform Fashion For Good, which seeks to help its fashion industry members transform from linear to circular methods.

More recently, the global retail solutions provider introduced Mainetti Polyloop to the signatories of the Fashion Pact – a global coalition of companies in the fashion and textile industry, all committed to a common core of key environmental goals.