Laetus has opened an online showroom in light of the postponement of interpack 2020.

Laetus is presenting current solutions for the entire supply chain, from inline quality control to the end customers’ engagement. Alongside the Modular X series, further innovations are presented in the areas of vision inspection, device management, aggregation, and Track & Trace. At each virtual station, a short film can be watched, explaining the respective system.

The company says that its Modular X series is the first fully modular serialization system on the market and that it has unique flexibility regarding the packaging sizes it can process. The Modular X 1000-MV forms the basis, marking and verifying up to 400 folding boxes per minute with barcodes or plain text, depending on product size and quality. At belt speeds of up to 60 metres per minute, a mechanically forced guidance ensures that the secondary packaging with a maximum size of 120 x 100 x 200 mm is precisely processed. The compact GMP design reportedly allows for easy operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

Format changes are fully automated and therefore reproducible, and they can apparently be carried out in less than 60 seconds. Laetus says that this reduces refitting times and hazards of operator errors to a minimum while enabling companies to react quickly to changing market requirements at any time while operating at a constantly high production output. The optionally available Tamper Evident module Modular X 1000-TL furthermore reportedly applies up to 400 Tamper Evident labels per minute on two sides. The labels are applied at four possible positions (front or rear opening, top or bottom respectively) with an accuracy of 1 mm, which is also checked automatically. The electronically controlled high-speed ejection makes sure that incorrectly marked products are discharged.