Kite Packaging are well known for developing and evolving their product range and are specialists at supplying packaging across a variety of sectors.

Kite also has a leading B2B e-commerce packaging website supplying a wide range of stock boxes, tape, stretch wrap, in-the-box solutions and more.They have recently announced a new wave of product launches, specifically targeting the warehouse and logistics markets. 

Polythene (PE) shrink film is the ideal solution to safely secure both awkwardly shaped and heavy products to a pallet, especially where a high quality and consistent wrap is required. The film is used in conjunction with a heat shrink gun, with Kite’s having recently added a new system to their heat gun range. 

Kite’s recently launched extended core black stretch is designed to stop goods from being identified once they are on a pallet, should they be valuable or sensitive. The extended cardboard core is ideal for users who do not wish to use a dispenser as the core effectively acts as a handle and can be held whilst wrapping the film around products. 

Kites new polyester strapping trolley is the perfect addition to any busy warehouse operation.  It is a safe and efficient way to transport your strapping around operations allowing users to strap in various locations. 

Clear polythene bags are a simple, effective way to package products to protect against dust and moisture. Kite Packaging have recently expanded their range of medium duty 50 micron clear polythene bags, they are available in a wide range of sizes, to suit a variety of different products. 

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