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In this edition of the Spotlight, Holmen Board and Paper explains how its ‘iconic’ Invercote paperboard product family has expanded. The latest addition to the portfolio, Invercote Touch, is Holmen’s new uncoated paperboard product that enables brands to create premium packaging and graphical applications with a natural look and feel.

The demand for sustainable, visually appealing packaging materials with excellent printability is increasing. To meet this growing demand, Holmen’s mill in Iggesund has designed Invercote Touch, an innovative uncoated paperboard that delivers a tactile experience without compromising on performance.

“At Holmen, we always strive to develop our products with purpose, using insights from brand owners and consumers, thinking outside the box, and looking into the future. A cumulation of inputs has resulted in the creation of Invercote Touch,” says Laura Marshalsea, sales director, Holmen Board and Paper.

The new uncoated paperboard product has been designed to open new possibilities for creativity in a world where nature, touch, and emotion are at the heart of the packaging experience. For the first time, Invercote Touch enables brands to prioritise a natural look and feel with a product that has the right combination of printing and converting properties for an uncoated paperboard.

Holmen’s mill in Iggesund developed Invercote Touch by applying over 60 years of knowledge of premium packaging customers’ requirements and listening to changing customer needs. The product uniquely provides a sensory interactive experience along with the exceptional property benefits of other Invercote products, such as strength, stiffness, and creasability.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything within Holmen, and the addition of an Invercote Touch to the portfolio only strengthens this ethos further. Invercote’s low climate impact provides brand owners with the opportunity to benefit from a packaging solution with recyclability and a low carbon footprint.

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With Invercote Touch, Holmen invites brand owners to be inspired by the new product’s natural look and feel and aspire to create packaging that is one with nature, enticing consumers to use their senses and imagination.

“We strive to work together with brand owners to further enhance their brand experiences through their packaging, by offering a material that underlines quality and sustainability. We aim to expand the possibilities of packaging with a sensory finish that has the potential to create something truly special for a brand,” says Laura Marshalsea.

Invercote Touch provides a unique and natural addition to Holmen’s product portfolio. It widens the product offering to existing customers and provides opportunities for new customers. The product is suitable for all types of packaging and graphics applications and is initially available in a 330 GSM version.

Curious to explore Invercote Touch? Visit iggesund.com/touch to dive into an uncoated premium paperboard experience.

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