Machinery specialists Bühler will launch a completely virtual trade show for the first time from May 12 to 15, 2020.

The show will take the form of an accessible two-day live program featuring keynote speakers from the food and technology industries. It will also feature a 3D booth, digital showrooms, and expert presentations.

The speakers are set to highlight the opportunities and challenges of the food and technology industry. Among the keynote speakers are:

  • Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft Corporation, who will speak about the digital transformation for a sustainable industry.
  • Henning Hartnacke, President EAME Flavours, Givaudan, who will talk about the opportunities in a dynamic market.
  • Simon Billington, Global Head of Confectionary Operations, Nestlé; Louise Barrett, Global R&D Confectionary, Nestlé; Alex Neumann, Founder, Googly Fruit; Christoph Gebald, Founder & CEO, Climeworks, who will talk on the subject of shaping the food industry.
  • Timo Recker, Founder & CEO, Like Meat, and Christoph Näf, Head of the Human Nutrition Business Unit at Bühler, who are scheduled to discuss the rise of plant-based proteins.