Huhtamaki, a global provider of food-on-the-go and food-on-the-shelf packaging solutions, is launching a range of face masks with the aim of aiding the fight against COVID-19.

The company describes its "Huhta Masks" as breathable and washable and says that they are made of high-quality fabric with anti-microbial and fluid repellent properties.

The masks are set to be distributed globally via supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and foodservice outlets. The initial range includes two sizes, one for adults and one for children that are 36 months and older. Both sizes are available in Lavender Grey and Delft Blue. The packaging includes 10 individual packs, each with one mask, that can be displayed on a shelf, end pedestal, podium, or hook.

“At Huhtamaki we are committed to protecting food, people, and the planet. With this new range of face masks, we enter the retail space with a completely new approach for us and a new product group,” says Ciaran Doherty, general manager, foodservice UK.

“It is important to us to help people live life as they want it to be. The Huhta Mask allows people to resume their everyday activities whilst taking others into consideration,” he continues. “In addition to printing and manufacturing the stylish folded carton consumer packs, our high-hygiene packaging factories are well-equipped to undertake the packaging of the masks, and via our global network we are able to offer these affordable, high-quality masks in multiple markets across the world.”

Huhtamaki has already repurposed folding carton packaging machinery at five of its European manufacturing sites and claims to have delivered over 30 million protective face shields to the NHS in the UK. Whilst, according to the company, sustainable food packaging remains its core business globally, the company says that it is committed to protecting people, food, and the planet and helping people to get on with their everyday lives.