Hapa reports a record-breaking interest in its exhibition portfolio of in-house printing systems. Two highlights for Hapa were the launch of the Web 4.and the Coesia Smart Factory Line, a synergy luxury-box packaging line that showcased technology from sister Coesia companies, ACMA, Emmeci, FlexLink, and Norden, and included two UV DOD printing systems, a redcube and BlisterJet CMYK, printed personalized codes onto boxes and direct-printed multi-colored graphics and the encoded personalized data onto power banks.

A second BlisterJet CMYK system printed text and graphics onto sealed, blank blisters in a CMYK application, and a Hapa 230-Hybrid, our dual-technology bestseller, printed two colors onto blister foil. The UV inks used on all of the Hapa printing systems were produced by Hapa Ink and provided sharp print results. On IMA’s booth at interpack, a „redcube plus“ was integrated into a late-stage blister customization line.

Launch of the Web 4.0The Web 4.0 two-color, digital printing system impressed visitors at its interpack launch. Evolutionary in design, the Web 4.0 platform combines the best of Hapa’s technical experience and know-how, its research and engineering, and customer input. Scalable and modular, it answers the demand for flexibility, sharp print, operability and reliability, and easy integration into digital workflow.

Coesia Smart Factory LineThe Coesia Smart Factory Line – the synergy of Coesia companies ACMA, Emmeci, FlexLink, Hapa, and Norden – engrossed visitors to the Coesia booth. An exhibition first, the Smart Line produced and packaged the Coesia Promotion Box. Toward the start of the line, an integrated redcube, which excels at serialization, coding, and marking, printed QR codes directly onto the rigid carton boxes. Near the end of the line, and in an application unique to the interpack exhibition, a BlisterJet CMYK printed multi-color graphics and the QR code’s personalized text onto power banks.

The BlisterJet CMYK and Hapa 230-HybridIn a late-stage-customization exhibition on the Hapa booth, text and graphics were printed in a CMYK application onto sealed, blank blisters –personalizing each blister—by a second BlisterJet CMYK. Alongside it, the Hapa 230-Hybrid printed onto blister foils. The bestselling system combines UV DOD and UV flexographic printing modules into a single two-color printing system for the best in-house flexibility and savings.

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