Mondi Corrugated Packaging designers have been recognised at the German Packaging Award 2019, which was held on the first day of the FachPack trade fair in Nuremburg, Germany, receiving an award in the ‘Logistics & Material Flow’ category. The ’DashV1Box - DashBoxes by Mondi: The universal fit for your Dashboard range’ solution, developed for an automotive manufacturer, was recognised above all for its significantly improved production and material flow, as well as a reduction in its CO2 footprint.

Supply chain complexity prompted a major German car producer to seek a universal solution to replace 35 packaging variants for over 2,000 different SKUs. The DashV1Box introduces a single standard packaging that has reduced processing costs by 31% and quality complaints by 80%. This sustainable solution uses 100% corrugated material. The unique ergonomics made it difficult to find a one-fit solution, but DashV1Box recognises that the ends of the dashboards are almost identical. Different component lengths are accommodated by variable fixation of the corrugated fittings. The result is a standardised and process-reliable packaging concept along the entire supply chain. At the same time, this optimised packaging also meets the expectations of all individual steps in the production process.

“We are particularly happy that the packaging has found a secondary use during handling in the workshop. The components can be removed from the folding box with the corrugated material inner sections and placed on the workshop floor – secure and clean and, above all, sustainable,” explains Jan-Willem Kleppers, Marketing and Sales Director of Mondi Corrugated Packaging. In addition, the DashV1Box packaging solution also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. “We are especially proud to have designed an innovative and, above all, sustainable packaging solution together with our customer. It meets all the requirements of a standardised and process-reliable packaging concept along the entire supply chain, from parts supplier to the end customer,” says Georg Koller, Product and Project Management of the Mondi Corrugated plant in Ansbach.

During product development, the following aspects were able to be optimised and thus made more sustainable*:

*             Optimum balance between protection of packaged item and economic efficiency

*             Cost-optimised packaging with regard to handling and material

*             Quality enhancement and therefore reduction in number of complaints

*             Elimination of multi-material packaging

*             Suitability for all modes of transport (commercial road vehicles, rail, air and sea freight)

Jan-Willem Kleppers says: “Our customers are looking for opportunities for differentiation, they want to manufacture in a sustainable manner, and they also want to lower costs and become more efficient. Our new sheet packaging is an excellent example of this.” The reusability of materials, the reduction of excess material and the replacement of less sustainable materials with more sustainable corrugated material solutions were all made possible by this packaging solution. “We are also especially proud that our guiding principle ‘Sustainable by design’ is reflected in this packaging solution. It is very important to us to support each customer to help them reach their individual sustainability objectives, because packaging certainly plays a role in the solution here,” says Armand Schoonbrood, COO Mondi Corrugated Packaging - showing his pride in the award.