An overview of the basic functionality of the TagTec series and a selection of different application options, even with a demonstration sorting system on the stand, is presented by Gabriel-Chemie in Düsseldorf together with its partners ALPLA and Wittmann Battenfeld (hall 15, booth C06).


An integral part of the Gabriel-Chemie autumn presentations is the colour concept COLOUR VISION no. 20.

The topics focus on Sustainability and Spirituality. Both motives are more present than ever and unite the promotion of actual principles of responsible use and also the considerate handling of resources, as well as the careful and conscious handling of oneself and its surroundings.

The associated colours and materials of the COLOUR VISION Sustainability range follow these principles and showcase dry colour and surface impressions. These were realised on the basis of PCR and PIR polymers.

Furthermore, new additives have been used which, among other features, enable detectability in the recycling stream. The colour spectrum of the Spirituality COLOUR VISION ranges from an intense and vibrant red to a marble effect elaboration in magical blue shades.

Near Infrared - detection in the recycling stream

The already mentioned detectability in the recycling stream refers to a professional solution for near-infrared-detectable and sortable thermoplastic masterbatch colours.

The masterbatch is made by using special pigment formulations which enable the correspondent sorting and recycling, is food contact approved and even laser markable. It can be extruded, blown or moulded by injection, compression, etc.

Lasermarkable reinforces sustainable values

A laser additive masterbatch enables the contact-free, permanent marking, labelling and decoration of plastic parts without using any printing ink or solvents. A marking can be made on soft, coarse, stepped and curved surfaces and is abrasion-resistant, resistant to chemicals and lightfast. The use of laser additive masterbatch makes it possible to create customised designs and personalised markings and is perfectly suited to complex and rapidly changing layouts, making it the most sustainable alternative to all conventional methods of customisation.

Therefore Gabriel-Chemie continues to build on its close cooperation with beLaser® and will demonstrate the partnership at the K in the form of a separate laser area.

Sustainability strategy throughout the group

As a second-generation owner-managed family business, Gabriel-Chemie is today one of Europe’s leading masterbatch producers after almost 70 years of existence. A long-term and, above all, sustainable strategy is therefore a priority that focuses on delivering high quality and innovation.

Sustainability has been a strong focus for Gabriel-Chemie in recent years. Responsibility and awareness of resource-processes pave the way for the group into the future. The upcoming generations in the family business are also adding their voice to the drive for sustainability.

In addition to the NIR detectable product range, the group-wide initiatives also include PCR masterbatches, Corporate Social Responsibility, awareness, circular economy and recycling, brand identity & personality.