HEUFT eXaminer II XT for the reliable identification of foreign objects in an unpackaged product mass as a highly automated system of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation with exclusive pulsed X-ray technology.

Compared to its predecessor it not only offers more precision when detecting foreign objects but also when tracking products and rejecting faults.  Because the reliable identification of small pieces of metal, glass particles, stones or bone fragments in syrup, yoghurt or sausage meat is of no use if the partial quantity of product mass in question cannot be removed accurately before packaging.  The new, compact HEUFT eXaminer II XT pipeline inspector achieves both: the further optimised pulsed X-rays ensure clear detection photographs without motion blurs with minimum radiation even at fluctuating transport speeds which make high density foreign objects clearly visible and clearly differentiate them from harmless product inhomogeneities using special filters during HEUFT reflexx² real-time image processing.  The optional dual beam technology even makes the analysis of two overlapping single images possible – and thus a 3D reconfirmation of the examination result from a different angle of vision which improves the inspection result.

The new compact, easily accessible construction of the hygiene and maintenance optimised HEUFT CleanDesign in combination with the strong performance of the highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II device platform ensures the highest accuracy when isolating and specifically rejecting partial quantities contaminated with dangerous foreign bodies:  the pipeline illuminated by unique X-ray strobes is now positioned vertically instead of horizontally.  Therefore the mass in question can simply flow down through a valve while the product free of foreign objects carries on to be filled and packaged.

Brand and program changes are carried out fully automatically and without time-consuming recalibration.  The audiovisual HEUFT NaVi supports each user individually and step by step in the course of this.The result:  a space-saving, high precision foreign object detection in an unpackaged product mass.

Heuft at FachPack 2018: stand 3-349, 25 - 27 September.