Esko is a global provider of integrated software and hardware solutions that accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods.

Esko products empower teams to support and manage the packaging design and print processes for brand owners, retailers, pre-media and trade shops, manufacturers, and converters. 

To provide the most innovative, integrated platform and comprehensive portfolio of tools that intelligently digitize, connect, automate and accelerate the concept to market processes for every packaged product.

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    AI and automation in life science labelling and artwork management

    2024-05-07T07:33:00Sponsored by

    In the life science sector, clear and correct labels are required to ensure user safety – but rapid shifts in labelling requirements can cause roadblocks. In this latest ‘In Conversation With…’ feature, Esko’s Life Sciences category specialist, Jackie Leslie, and Life Sciences product manager, Joe Giannotti, tell us more about the value of artificial intelligence and automation in optimizing the printing process for an ever-evolving industry.