Eco-fee modulation is a concept that introduces packaging fees based on the sustainability, e.g. recyclability of packaging. In accordance with extended producer responsibility, licence fees are levied in stages: Through sustainable packaging design, companies can benefit from reduced fees and thus save costs. Packaging that does not fulfil the requirements of eco-modulation, on the other hand, is taxed at a higher rate than environment-friendly packaging.

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Interzero Recycling Alliance has already carried out successful pilot projects as part of eco-fee modulation. We analyze the packaging for the respective target markets in order to check the recyclability of the packaging. The certification can then be communicated in a legally compliant manner. In this context, it is also assessed whether there are opportunities for cost savings in relevant countries or whether the company is already classified in the best possible licence group.

The evaluation shows which countries have implemented eco-fee modulation already. In addition, Interzero Recycling Alliance provides information on whether your packaging is already entitled to benefit from eco-modulation and how high the financial savings are. As a customer, you will also receive optimization tips if the packaging does not yet have the design to benefit from reduced Eco-Fees. In addition to Eco-Fee modulation, you can also receive information regarding the recyclability of your packaging.

How recycling-friendly is your packaging?

Consumers expect transparency – and policymakers have also been tightening standards: packaging should create a minimal impact on the environment and be easy to recycle. Want to know where your packaging stands in terms of recyclability? Book your analysis here!

The “Made for Recycling“ seal from Interzero stands for innovative and highly recyclable packaging. By integrating the seal into your packaging design, you signal your commitment to a sustainable circular economy and communicate this effectively.

Our evaluation method: economical, transparent and internationally approved.

  • · Neutral standard for evaluating the recyclability of packaging, developed by bifa instistute and tested by Fraunhofer IVV.
  • · Recyclability assessment
  • · Laboratory analysis with industrial size NIR-sorting and material analysis
  • · Reporting and recommendation for even better recyclability
  • · Certificate of recyclability (valid for two years) and “Made for Recycling Interzero” quality seal

After analyzing each of your packaging samples against standar­dized criteria, our experts provide you with a comprehensive assessment, and support you in defining sustainable and practical strategies for optimization.

This means you are well equipped: both for the legal require­ments such as the EU packaging regulation (PPWR) or the Ger­man ZSVR minimum standard, as well as for the requirements of numerous European and global sales markets.

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About Interzero Recycling Alliance

The recycling alliance of the recycling service provider Interzero is aimed at all companies that not only want to fulfil their legal obligation to obtain packaging licences, but also want to take responsibility for closing recycling and raw material cycles themselves. The experts provide advice on recyclable packaging design, support manufacturers with questions relating to the use of recyclates in the production process and award the ‘Made for Recycling Interzero’ seal. Further information can be found at

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