DS Smith Tecnicarton will present at Hispack 2018, among other novelties, a range of metal packaging integrated into production lines. This commitment responds to the company's business model, which incorporates any type of material to develop its innovations.

On this occasion, DS Smith will present a metallic, returnable, foldable packaging that can be used both internally and between plants and with different packaging systems, depending on the needs of the product to be transported.

This transit packaging is designed to speed up the work of supplying materials on production lines. The innovation of this design lies in the possibility of changing the entire interior design and replacing it with another one according to the needs of the pieces.

DS Smith Tecnicarton's presence at Hispack 2018 will be marked this year by its commitment to optimising the logistics chain in the production area. This is demonstrated by the fact that it will also be exhibiting its automotive dashboard marine flow packaging, which has already received an award for its suitability for the automotive industry.

This dashboard packaging, made of corrugated cardboard, consisting of a pallet and a bottom with folding supports, received the IPA Award for Innovation last year as it allows it to be brought closer to the assembly line and facilitates access for operators who literally enter the packaging to access the dashboards and place them on the vehicles.

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