Crown Holdings, Inc., a leading supplier of metal packaging products worldwide, has recognised three of its facilities for outstanding sustainability achievements from 2015 to 2016. 

First introduced in 2012, the biennial Chairman’s Sustainability Awards program honours exemplary contributions made by the employees based in the Company’s international network of 146 facilities.

The Chairman’s Award Program consists of three categories:

• Crown’s Economic Sustainability Award recognises actions and projects that display a significant, measurable reduction in the Company’s use of resources that enhance Crown’s competitiveness, including energy, water, freight and fuel.

2016 Category Winner: Crown’s beverage can plant in Hanoi, Vietnam implemented a holistic and comprehensive effort to save energy, including an innovative metering system to reduce electricity use. The program introduced unique sensors that adjust vacuum blower speed to can density as well as LED lamps, more efficient air conditioners and new compressors. Since 2014, the Hanoi facility has decreased energy usage per can by 13.8%, even as can production has increased by 18.2%. The program also helped the plant achieve external recognition through ISO 50001 certification.

• Crown’s Environmental Sustainability Award recognises Crown facilities that demonstrate excellence in protecting the environment by minimising the impact of the Company’s operations, reducing material consumption and improving recycling or reuse.

2016 Category Winner: Crown’s beverage can facility in Agoncillo, Spain was recognised for its initiative to repair plastic pallets used throughout the plant instead of disposing or replacing them, which has saved the plant 525,000 tons of waste. In addition to offering environmental and economic benefits and a scalable idea that can be implemented in other Crown locations, the outsourcing of the repair work to a company that hires disabled workers allows the plant to make a meaningful contribution to its local community. 

• Crown’s Social Sustainability Award recognises plants that exhibit a significant impact on the well-being of their workforce and/or the local community.

2016 Category Winner: Crown’s CMB Engineering canmaking equipment facility in Shipley, United Kingdom was acknowledged for its employee safety program called “Cool To Be Safe.” Since 2012, the program has helped reduce workplace injuries by more than 80%. As an extension of CROWN Europe’s Human Factor Training program, the initiative focused on having employees examine how their behaviours can impact their personal safety and those around them, and how those actions can be modified to become a safer person at work and at home.

“We continue to be impressed by the dedication of our employees to raise the standards by which we operate and to seek opportunities to conserve resources, enhance safety and productivity and support their local communities,” said Timothy J. Donahue, President and Chief Executive Officer at Crown Holdings, Inc. “We congratulate the winners of the 2016 Chairman’s Sustainability Awards and believe they serve as outstanding examples of the Company’s commitment to continuous improvement and to making sustainability an integral part of how we do business. They also advance our progress towards the ambitious sustainability goals we set to achieve by the end of 2020.”

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