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The beginning of a new decade coincides with a historical moment particularly rich in transformations: from climate changes that are influencing every aspect of our daily lives, to digital technologies that are radically changing our social behaviour, without forgetting political and economic tensions, threatening international commercial strategies.

In this scenario, Cosmoprof 2020 becomes a laboratory where to share experiences and suggestions, to discover which will be the future scenario for operators and companies operating in the beauty sector in the next 10 years.

To give shape to its Vision 2030, thanks to the contribution of the most quoted trend agencies and the most internationally renowned research and development experts, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna will propose a journey into thematic gardens. Here, new perspectives and new solutions will find fertile ground where to grow, drawing the lifeblood from the contributions of the over 265,000 attendees and the 3,000 exhibiting companies coming from 150 countries worldwide. Cosmoprof will produce new fruits for the development of projects and business relationships, with the aim of promoting the growth of the industry.

The Garden of Innovation

The journey into Beauty 2030 starts from the service center: Cosmoprof 2020 will virtually move visitors to the future. Thanks to the collaboration with the research team of the trend agency Beautystreams, "Beauty Vision 2030" will offer an overall view of the macro trends that will most likely impact on all aspects related to our daily life in the next 10 years, from politics to arts, from technology to medicine, from sociology to environmental sustainability. The first stage, "Beauty 2030: The Big Picture", will offer a review of the past decade. The years 2010-2020 were certainly an era of deep technological transformations, and the unstoppable evolution of digital has gradually influenced our habits.

One step, and "A Day in 2030" will project attendees directly in 2030, through the rooms of a cybernetical and hyper-connected home, with virtual assistants and highly technological accessories. To find out which products and devices will be part of our daily beauty routine, the multimedia installation by Beautystreams will present the hi-tech rituals for body care in 2030.

In a constantly evolving social context, it is easy to imagine that in the next 10 years we will witness a contamination of different genres, cultures, ethnic groups. Our beauty case will definitely reflect this multi-ethnic approach, with products suitable for multiple skin tones and hair. "Faces of the Future" will show the infinite variations of the concept of beauty that will characterize the 2030s, with a collection of unpublished images shot by Beautystreams.

At the service center, beauty becomes digital: within the Beauty-Tech area, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will become key elements for our body care. There will be over 30 start-ups on display, specialized in online platforms, digital solutions, virtual apps for product testing, e-make-up and 3D Make-up services, software and services for customized products, new retail solutions, interactive platforms. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and ITA - Italian Trade Agency, start-ups will take part in Cosmoprof Next: the pitch competition will promote the best projects among venture capitalists, investors, buyers and institutions. The project is organized in collaboration with Cariplo Factory, FaB - Fashion and Beautytech, FoundersFactory, Living in Digital Times and Unicredit Start Lab. Sponsors of the initiative are ALIBABA.COM and JD.COM, INC.

The service center will host the installation with the finalists of Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards, the contest celebrating the most innovative products presented by exhibiting companies.

Inside the Cosmoprof Arena, CosmoTalks sessions will be run. Cosmoprof seminars will involve prestigious international speakers, who will share their vision of the evolution of the next decade, the strategies and innovations to face future challenges, forecasts on market trends and marketing tools for more efficient sales.

The Garden of Diversity

The eighth edition of CosmoFactory, the initiative born within Cosmopack, the exhibition dedicated to the production chain, will create an experimental laboratory organized in three steps, representing the production, the shopping experience and the test of a beauty product.

The concept of diversity will guide the initiative, since it will characterize the evolution of our society over the next 10 years. The cosmetic industry will be called to adapt to a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, in which the boundaries of gender and ethnicity will become more and more blurred. It will be the uniqueness of the individual to guide the development of beauty collections.

The first step is the Factory in Hall 19PK, inside Cosmopack, with a live production chain. The protagonist of the initiative is "Six4all" - a foundation that combines a neutral base with six shades of colours. A skilful mix allows you to create a specific product for each skin tone. The area will be cureated by the design agency centdegrés, with the collaboration of selected Cosmopack companies: Pink Grogs Cosmetics for the formula, Marchesini Group Beauty for machinery, PennelliFaro for the brush, Scandolara for primary packaging and Gatto Astucci for secondary packaging. "Six4all" is made according to ISO GMP 22716, respecting and promoting the values of circular economy.

From production to the shopping experience: the next step of "Six4all" is the retail store, set up for the occasion in Cosmoprime - pad. 14. Thanks to a test with a skin diagnostic device, Delfin, made available by For Lab Italia, visitors will be able to discover the specific characteristics of their skin, and a professional staff will indicate which of the six nuances of “Six4all” are the most best ones to obtain the most suitable mix.

Finally, in The Mall - pav. 29, it will be possible to test the product: a team of make-up artists will be able to find the best foundation tone for each visitor, drawing like an artist from their 6-shades palette.

The Garden of Colors and Materials

Between pavilions 15 and 20, inside Cosmopack, there will be a preview of the colours andmaterials of cosmetic products in 2030, created in collaboration with Fashion Snoops, anAmerican trend-scouter collaborating with cosmetic multinationals.

Starting from the current cultural context of our society, Fashion Snoops will analyse the basic elements of the evolution of design and packaging, proposing a path between 4 different moods. They will be the keywords for a forecast of what brands will choose in the next future.

The Garden of Trends

CosmoTrends, the report created in collaboration with Beautystreams that offers anexclusive overview of the trends emerging along Cosmoprof corridors, will be back to Bologna.

As usual, a first preview will suggest the most interesting themes for buyers, journalists and influencers at the event. The products in the first release will be on display at the entrance of Cosmoprime – pav. 14. The report published after Cosmoprof will collect the most interesting products and proposals of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020. Edition after edition, CosmoTrends has become a highly appreciated tool by companies, too, which can align their production strategies with the trends influencing the market.

The Garden of Fragrances

Within Cosmoprime, "The Garden of Fragrances" will turn the spotlight on future transformations for the world of fragrances.

The threats to our planet are influencing the development of the fragrance sector. The attention paid on the use of natural resources to meet the needs of the ever-growing world population will significantly limit the availability of traditional raw materials for fragrances. It is therefore necessary to think of new ingredients that can make up for materials of natural origin.

Greenhouse, the installation curated by NEZ - The Olfactory Movement, the observatory of perfumery trends and transformations, will offer visitors a playful and educational experience at the same time: a series of tests will make attendees aware of issues related to the use of resources and safeguarding the planet, simultaneously presenting traditional,natural-based fragrances and revolutionary experiments, with notes based on stones and minerals. Partners of the initiative, Symrise, fragrance manufacturer, and Zignago Vetro,leader in the production of primary packaging.

Key word: sustainability

At Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2020, sustainability will no longer be just a trend, but a value of everyday life for consumers, and consequently it must be part of the strategic development of the entire cosmetic industry. To provide key elements for sustainable business development for companies in the sector, the French agency Quantis, will promote projects dedicated to sustainability for the cosmetic industry.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna and Sparknews, agency specialized in green projects for beauty companies, will give visibility to the activities of those exhibitors who are more sensitive to the values of sustainability and circular economy.

These key elements are forcing the cosmetics sector to take up ethical and social responsibilities. Beauty in 2030 will be a combination of several elements: social justice,attention and care for the environment, inclusion of all peculiarities for each individual.