In the latest edition of the Spotlight, COPAR introduces a fibre-based packaging solution featuring moisture-absorbent pads for fresh produce applications.

Increased regulations to reduce waste, coupled with the growing number of eco-conscious consumers who demand full transparency and need guarantees that the packaging will not harm the environment. Now is the time for innovation.

Leading this sustainable revolution is COPAR, a manufacturer of packaging from agro-waste which is PFAS-free. This ensures your meals come in the most natural form and are devoid of harmful chemicals.


An Innovative Approach to Fresh Produce

Nothing beats the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. But have you ever wondered how they stay fresh on their journey from the farm to your plate? A lot of it comes down to packaging. The sad truth is that most produce is wrapped in plastics that can harm our environment. COPAR seeks to change that game. Their special packaging for produce uses a unique combination of their fibre trays and compostable pad that soaks up unwanted moisture, ensuring your fruits stay at their best for longer.

So, not only do you get fresh produce, but you also get the peace of mind that comes with making an eco-friendly choice.

Meat Packaging, Reimagined

Packing meat presents its own challenges. It needs to be fresh, hygienic, and safe. Traditionally, plastic has been the go-to solution. But COPAR thinks outside the plastic box.

They have created a fibre tray, sealed with an innovative recyclable smart film, that’s tailor-made for meat. It absorbs the moisture and ensures your meat remains fresh. After COPAR’s packaging has served its purpose, it continues to impress post-usage. The fibre tray can be recycled along with other paper waste, while the films can be recycled separately. In every aspect, they’re offering an effective and efficient alternative to conventional plastic packaging.


Serving Up Sustainability in Restaurants and Takeaways

The needs of the restaurant, food, and hospitality industry are unique, with the constant juggle between providing fresh meals and adhering to sustainable practices. Recognising this challenge, COPAR’s solutions seamlessly merge these requirements.

Whether it’s serving a gourmet meal at a restaurant or a juicy burger at a takeaway, COPAR’s packaging ensures the meal remains fresh, whilst not compromising sustainability. And for industries that pride themselves on their service, what better way to serve than in packaging that’s both earth-friendly and user-friendly?

A Promise for Tomorrow

From ensuring the veggies in our salad remain crisp, to making sure that steak retains its juiciness, COPAR is truly redefining the landscape of food packaging. And with every meal that comes in a COPAR package, we’re reminded of a commitment – to our health, our palate, and our planet.


COPAR is leading the way in reimagining how food can be packaged sustainably. COPAR is committed to prioritising our planet and health by providing solutions that don’t compromise on quality or the environment.

And as consumers, every choice we make can shape the future. By choosing COPAR, you’re choosing a world where food stays fresh without costing our health or our earth.

This content was sponsored by COPAR.