The Connected Pack, the common thread running through the 2017 edition, will get full exposure at LUXE PACK MONACO.

Digital Village C2L, dedicated roundtables, workshops, innovations: visitors will have the precious opportunity, on a single site, to conduct a thorough benchmarking of this ever so topical theme.

By common consent, packaging today is becoming increasingly strategic, and it can offer a new asset that LUXE PACK intends to highlight, as a way of meeting today's frenetic exhortations from the brands: the asset of "intelligence"!

The new on-board technologies incorporated in packaging collect data, and their interactivity creates ties between the brand and its users. A splendid tool constituting a new full-fledged channel to be integrated in the customer pathway, connected packaging nonetheless throws up a dizzying array of choices: QR code, RFID chip, NFC, augmented reality, hologram.... All attendees at LUXE PACK will be able to benefit from the presence of top specialists for evaluating the solutions best suited to their needs and aspirations.

With conferences, workshops and exhibitions, visitors will be able to take inspiration from tried-and-tested experiments as well as discover the latest innovations, for an up-to-date and global vision of connected packaging.

Digital Village C2L in Hall Atrium: absolutely not to be missed!

The C2L space in Hall Diaghilev will bring together the major players in the sector, proposing connected packaging solutions at the cutting edge of innovation.

From Arjowiggins and its connected papers, to NXP semi-conductors, by way of Linkit Concept, Paptic, Saralon and VM France, the targeted offering of solutions using the new technologies to enhance packaging with new functionality covers a wide palette.

A visit to the stands promises to provide an up-to-date vision of the possibilities that the brands are so eager on, for getting in direct touch with consumers, and/or offering them brand-new experiences.

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