CMC has unveiled  the newest CMC SmartStore at Deliver#3 in London. The SmartStore is a system used for temporary storage of products to be processed for delivery for current orders.

It  is a modular system that can be customized to suit individuals applications. It is ideal for small to medium size products such as books, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fashion and shoes.

CMC SmartStore can be used to be integrated to a full turnkey solution utilizing CMC’s packaging solutions: inbound, picking, outbound, consolidation to order and packaging into boxes and paper or plastic satchels. This system further develops CMC’s technology portfolio  of storage and packaging solutions aiming at improving productivity and efficiency in ecommerce, 3PL and fulfillment industries.

At Deliver this year, Retailers and Brand Owners have discussed  their individual applications that may suit the 

-CMC CartonWrap, an award winning right size packaging machine that processes 1.000 boxes an hour. Cartonwrap considerably improves operational/labour costs and eliminates empty space in the boxes reducing shipping costs and CO2 emissions. Creating boxes just in time saves storage space and labour cost in the warehouse.CMC Packvertizing – CMC’s unique solution to personalize 1:1 right size packaging with full color branding, pictures and marketing messages for an improved customer experience.

-CMC CartonPack –  based on the CMC’s proprietary Vary-Tote, this machine is ideal for B2B applications and at the same time can automate multi line orders packed on boxes that are unique to each consignment.

-CMC SmartMailer: based on the 40 years old inserting technology, the machine can fulfill single order items such as DVDs, books and electronics into rigid or bubble mailers.

-CMC BubbleWrapper: the evolution of CMC polywrapping technology, the system can process apparel and fashion items in dynamic poly and bubble satchels and optionally cut-in a handle for click and collect.

Francesco Ponti, CMC CEO commented: “We have been pioneering different solutions for the ecommerce industry over the last 4 years and our technology has been very well accepted by the major retailers. Warehousing automation is key to achieve efficiency and productivity in packaging operations. With the newest SmartStore we have bridged the two processes”

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