ALPMA, a specialist mechanical engineering company, has introduced FreshPack, a product that it says “reinvents the butter wrapping method.”

According to the company, the conventional, envelope-like folding wrap is a classic but has its weaknesses. ALPMA says that the traditional butter wrap is not sealed or optimally protected, which allows for loss of flavour, oxidation, and a reduction in taste quality and shelf life.

"We have heard time and again from our customers that they are looking for alternative packaging, to solve these old problems and give a new pack style and fresh experience," says Franz Glas, ALPMA division manager for cutting and packaging technology. The company says that, in contrast to the old classic butter wrap, FreshPack offers “perfect” product protection.

The all-round sealing reportedly guarantees protection against tampering – and creates confidence in the consumer. The seal also apparently protects the butter from oxygen exchange: "As a result, the aroma is retained in the product much better," continues Glas. "When you open the packaging, you have a fragrance experience. You can smell and taste that the butter is fresher."

The new product's practical easy-open tabs also reportedly make it possible to peel the pack quickly and easily, making greasy fingers a thing of the past.