Tristanne Davis, senior manager at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) explores what SPC Engage has on offer for the packaging industry.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s SPC Engage: London event is about activating corporate sustainability goals. This event will help brands and retailers understand how to align their goals with larger global sustainability frameworks and commitments like the Sustainable Development Goals, the EU Circular Economy Package and the New Plastics Economy, and provide key insights into goal setting and implementation unique to each organisation.

Day one of the event will focus on level setting on sustainable packaging goals, covering key trends in drivers across presentations and panel sessions. Some session highlights include:

A panel on Voluntary Commitments and the Role of Packaging Innovation - which will aim to make sense of the explosion of corporate and collective sustainable packaging commitments made in 2018 and 2019, particularly related to plastics. Experts from WRAP,  Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Coca Cola, and Veolia among others, will discuss how they are working to meet their commitments and go beyond them.  

A panel on the Driving Force of Retailers and Their Role Implementing Goals, Commitments and Leading Sustainable Innovation - where participants will hear from retailers who have become a driving force and a leading voice when it comes to implementing packaging sustainability goals and commitments and driving sustainable innovation within their own private label brands and influencing their supply chain partners.

Day two of the event will dive deeper into specific goal areas, like responsible sourcing goals and effective recovery goals. The Effective Recovery Deep Dive for example will include an overview presentation of main themes related to Designing Packaging to Be Reusable, Recyclable, Compostable, followed by a panel of experts from Procter & Gamble, Method, The LEGO Group, and others who will evaluate this topic from their own organisatons’ perspectives, highlighting challenges and success strategies. In the last part of the Deep Dive, the group will split into roundtable discussions to dive into specific topics further, like eliminating problematic materials, designing packaging to be recyclable, and supporting the growth of recovery infrastructure. 

Located in London’s Design Museum, SPC Engage aims to help the sustainable packaging community design their own actionable strategies to implement their goals while providing them with a platform to learn, share ideas, and collaborate with their industry peers.