Being located in Denmark, described by Mr Hansen as ‘a high cost country’, DAN Palletiser is consistently keen to deliver excellent value for money. He went on to say how its ability to ‘get inside’ the customers’ individual processes, in addition to its four decades of specialised experience, means that its systems quickly deliver a great return on investment. Mr Hansen explained, “Coming from a high cost country we are very interested in continually supplying top notch products and service so our customers enjoy a significant value on investment. The challenges faced by our customers quickly become opportunities for us to provide solutions. Our technical department has a combined experience of over 200 years in the development and maintenance of our core competence – palletiser solutions. By creating excellent palletising and other internal transport equipment, we enable our customers to reach an optimal solution that minimises production costs and helps facilitate an increased production capacity.”

Working together

In practice, the DAN team takes the customer brief and works together with the customer to create an optimal solution, converting ideas to layouts. Highly qualified technicians and project managers steer the production process, utilising the company’s extensive in-house facilities. Mr Hansen said, “This is certainly another feather in the DAN cap! We develop and manufacture pretty much everything in-house, we make all of our key components and products ourselves as well as our software intelligence; we are unique in this. We have very few subcontractors and this enables us to keep control across the whole process, which is of great benefit to us and our customers. This approach also allows us to capitalise on our wonderful long-term relationships and means we don’t spend valuable energy on the wrong things!”With its 40-year history a proud aspect of DAN Palletiser’s story, it is its focus on strategic future growth that will continue to see positive results. Mr Hansen noted, “We have always been at the forefront of the palletiser industry. We love to work with customers that appreciate how our customisable solutions deliver value across the entire life cycle. Our plans continue to be working towards the largest players, particularly in the food sector, as the demand for and value of packaging automation here is huge. We can always help; whether it is a mechanical or equipment issue, we’re there.”

Ready for growth

This future growth is reflected in Mr Hansen’s appreciation that the palletising sector itself is growing. He said, “The market is very healthy; everyone is keen to be as efficient and effective as possible, so smart palletising is a great way to achieve this. There’s so much innovation going on in the logistics sector across markets that means that many larger players are rearranging their processes with new logistics hubs – and that’s where we can really add experience and value. Many companies, particularly in Northern Europe and the US, have money to invest in increased productivity. We’re very busy at the moment but we’re also expanding and increasing our capacity to meet our demand. We recently signed an exciting new contract with an Australian paint producer that will now be able to use DAN systems for different sizes of paint cans and buckets on the same system. We are also seeing many interesting projects across new and existing markets that will really benefit from our capabilities in delivering customised palletising solutions.” 

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