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In this edition of the Spotlight, Elopak tells us about its fibre-based packaging for home and personal care products, embracing a natural alternative to plastics.

We know that consumers don’t only buy products; they buy brands reflecting their values. Changes in consumer priorities and habits call for innovative solutions. In order to attract consumers, brands have to think outside the box and dare to be different.

Packaging is the most effective way of communicating brand values. Since the majority of all purchasing decisions are made at point of sale, it’s crucial that your product is presented in a container that immediately grabs the consumers’ attention.

Elevate your brand

A recent consumer study* clearly shows that D-PAK™ cartons from Elopak, specifically developed as refill for non-food products, is seen as a more unique and innovative form of packaging compared to alternative packaging options. It offers a 360-degree communication space, allowing you to devote more space to product information and the benefits of the packaging, both of which are perceived as increasingly important for the consumers.

This will help to elevate your brand. The carton also helps your product to stand out on a crowded shelf currently dominated by plastic packaging.

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Superior user experience

We know that it takes more than just pretty packaging to get noticed. The natural look and feel of our fibre-based D-PAK™ cartons, in addition to its convenient features, offer a premium consumer experience that alternative packaging can’t match.

The consumer study* revealed consumers find the D-PAK™ carton superior to pouch alternatives in terms of opening, pouring and re-closing. As many as 97% of the respondents prefer it for refill and it is considerably better liked by consumers than alternative packaging options.

A natural alternative to plastics

The modern world is revolving around plastics, but it’s time to change. Regulations are increasing and consumers are looking for ways to make environmentally friendly choices without compromising on quality.

91% of respondents from another study** state that reducing plastic use is important to them in choosing a refill; another good reason for choosing D-PAK™ cartons, since they are primarily made with wood fibres using less plastic than alternative containers. We are continually working to reduce the plastic content in our packaging, and you can also go fossil-free with renewable and bio-circular polymers.


For over a century, we have developed our cartons to be the most sustainable packaging on the market. With leading design features and by constantly improving our use of materials, our cartons are optimized for recycling and reducing emissions.

Companies are taking their responsibility seriously, and the D-PAK™ carton is now helping some of the world’s most recognized brands within home and personal care to reduce plastics and become more sustainable.

*Kantar quantitative test and face to face interviews December 2023, 150 participants in Sweden.

**Absolute Research, survey conducted December 2023, 1,025 respondents in UK and Germany.

This content was sponsored by Elopak.