UEI® Group engraved die companies introduced their NW SpeedChase® NXT™ system during LabelExpo Europe in Brussels, Belgium in September. This new magnetic quick system is a game changer, and it makes set-up and job changeover faster, simpler and more efficient.

The NW SpeedChase® system was specifically developed for the narrow web industry and can accommodate any narrow web flatbed press. Press operators can now experience easier lock-up, quicker changeover, lower overall costs, increased production speeds, and overall improved efficiency with the NW SpeedChase® NXT™ system.

Todd Rima, Universal Engraving, Inc. Vice President of Operations and Sales said, “Through the NW SpeedChase®NXT™ system, job changeover can now be accomplished, on average, in as little as one minute. And since unveilingthe NW SpeedChase® NXT system, customers worldwide have immediately submitted orders post their bestpractice reviews and cost-saving analysis. The value customers see associated with the NW SpeedChase® NXT™system is tremendous.”

This new system, is another innovative solution in the line of quick-changeover products offered by the UEI®Group. The NW SpeedChase® NXT™ system is comprised of an NW SpeedChase® NXT™ and an NW SpeedPlatenNXT™ that use a NW UniLock-Up® Plate Ejector NXT™ box to quickly set-up, dismount and change the UniLock-Up®die or counter force plates. The NW SpeedChase® also has three-times the thermal conductivity than a traditionalsteel chase, which can result in faster production speeds.

Coupling the patented and highly-efficient UniLock-Up® die plates with the NW SpeedChase® system givescustomers the best of all worlds. UEI® Group pre-affixes and pre-registers both the engraved dies and counterforces to a steel UniLock-Up® plate. Then, with the NW SpeedChase® NXT™ system there is just a quick mount ofthe UniLock-Up® die and/or counter force plate to the NW SpeedChase® and NW SpeedPlaten.

Rima added, “Simply put, there has never been an easier or more efficient die or counter force lock-up system for thenarrow web flatbed industry. We have even added traditional mounting holes within the NW SpeedChase® NXT™, soif necessary customers can still use their existing engraved die inventory on the NW SpeedChase® NXT™.”

The NW SpeedChase’s ergonomic design is lightweight and easy-to-handle; it’s also 65% lighter than a traditionalsteel chase. The NW UniLock-Up® Die and/or Counter Force Plates are designed to be stored easily and UEI® offersa cost-savings return/reuse program for the UniLock-Up® Counter Force Plate NXT™.

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