Tri-Star Packaging has launched a brand new addition to its extensive deli pot range for  the food-to-go sector.

The KC Range consists of four round pots and is made from premium high-clarity rPET – made in part from recycled plastic bottles. This material promote optimum visibility on the shelf, but rPET is much more environmentally friendly than most competitor products made from PET. Unlike the latter, rPET comes from plastic that has already been used, and has been sorted, cleaned and transformed for reuse instead of going to waste.

The pots are perfect for pasta, salad, olives, fruit pieces, muesli and a variety of other options along with speciality foods like ethnic cuisine, including noodles and rice. A robust one-size-fits-all lid maximises convenience and enhances presentation – absolutely critical. The lid also promotes longer shelf life and eliminates leakage and can be branded subject to volume.

With it being made from rPET material, it meets the surging demand for eco-packaging from both consumers and foodservice operators. The KC Range is also lighter in weight and therefore boasts a lower carbon footprint, and is within 50 miles of Enfield, at Tri-Star’s main hub. This cuts carbon mileage.

Kevin Curran, Managing Director, Tri-Star Packaging, says: “Our new KC Range is all things to all people in the food-to-go market. Its crystal-clear, smooth curves of rPET make this both stylish and prominent on the shelf. It is also sustainable to meet the unique but multiple needs of operators such as delis and food stalls, and to satisfy environmentally conscious consumers. The KC Range is the newest, best example of responsible, environment-friendly food-to-go packaging to date.”The four sizes are 725ml, 500ml, 380ml, and the smallest, 250ml, ideal for dips, tasters and dressings