Treofan Group is installing a new €7.5 million highperformance coater at its Battipaglia site in Italy, significantly enhancing its ability to produce specialty films. Scheduled to enter operation in the second quarter of 2018, the line is designed to deliver an annual volume of 4,000 metric tons of specialty film with a wide variety of coatings. It is being installed by high-quality Swiss supplier Bobst.

Thanks to the plant's highly flexible configuration, not only can it produce all of the existing product portfolio, it also allows for the development of new solutions – such as films with integrated mineral oil barriers. Both single- and double-side coatings are possible, including with different individual materials. Film width is also continuously variable, so can be tailored to customers' varying needs.

"This investment is another milestone in Treofan's transformation into a supplier of film surface technologies," says CEO Dr. Walter Bickel. "Not only does the new coater support our own innovation processes, it also broadens opportunities for developing new solutions jointly with our customers. It will thus make an important contribution towards expanding our strategic position in the premium segment."

Treofan already has a coater at Terni, its second Italian site, that produces around 10,000 metric tons of coated film per year. The new plant, the installation of which begins in the second quarter of 2017, will therefore increase the company's production capacity for coated film by 40 percent.

Global demand for coated films is growing continually due to a number of trends, such as increasing requirements for flexible packaging to include barrier effects and to keep the packaged products fresh for longer, as well as the rise of new areas of applications such as perfumes.

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