Combining authenticity, traceability and interactivity into one code, Titanium™ helps protect consumers and their cosmetics.

French expert recognised for its know-how in the fight against counterfeiting and the protection of brands since 2003, ATT presented at PCD 2018 its connected packaging solution Titanium™.

Compatible with all QR code readers on smartphones, the Titanium™ code contains all product traceability information: description, serial number, date of production, destination... In case of manufacturing defect, the triggering of an alert on all these codes helps to simplify and optimise the recall process of the products concerned. This traceability also allows brands to ensure that their products are not subject to parallel markets or smuggling.

In its matrix, Titanium™ conceals three Seal Vector® anti-counterfeiting codes, already adopted by hundreds of brands, and deployed on billions of products each year. Printed in very high resolution on the packaging, this code deteriorates when it is reproduced by a counterfeiter. Titanium™ reading by a brand representative instantly reveals the illicit nature of the product in case of fraud. The French Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) estimates that the counterfeiting of perfumes and cosmetics represents 10% of the world market. It represents between 2.5 and 3% of the total customs seizures in Europe (sources: European Customs).

Consumers are also invited to check the origin of their products to access the entire universe of the brand: tutorials, social networks, online shopping... to enrich its experience with tailor-made content. Titanium™ can be paired with an NFC chip for one-touch reading.

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