A total of 25 packaging and POS (Point of Sale) Advertising projects and a “young design” packaging proposal make up the list of winners of the 2018 Liderpack Awards, organized by Graphispack Asociación and Fira de Barcelona’s Hispack trade fair.

The jury selected two of the above products as “the best of the show”: the Porto Cask 150 label produced by Gráficas Varias and the display of Bimbo’s Pastelitos FS made by Tot Display. It also awarded a special award for packaging sustainability to the Concentralia Ecofoam System Home cleaning product made by Salló Kyra, S.L.

142 projects by companies and schools from 15 Spanish provinces were submitted for these Liderpack Awards. The categories which received the greatest number of candidatures were once again food and beverage packaging, although there was a notable increase in the number of logistical and distribution packaging projects, as well as solutions geared to e-commerce.

The jury gave 18 awards in the packaging speciality, seven in the POS section and one in the “Young Design” category reserved for students. Similarly, the winners in the packaging category selected by the jury included works which will represent Spain in the 2019 WorldStar Packaging Awards, the most important packaging and wrapping event in the world, whose winners will be announced in December. 

Beverage packaging

With six projects selected, this category was the one to receive the most awards. Sleeves, labels and packaging designed for the transportation of bottles stood out due to the quality of their execution and their originality in highlighting the products inside them.

The Avanza Packaging studio from Seville won two prizes with its elegant embossed label with metallic touches for Bercial wine and its bottle for Temptation wine, painted in different shades of pink and yellow with white screen printing and pink stamping.The Ovelar firm from Madrid won an award for its screen-printed sleeve to line a bottle of Ron Karibeño rum. Similarly, the Cruise Collection sleeves of Juvé & Camps designed by Autajon Labels also received an award. This is a limited edition of 12,000 bottles whose six unique designs are distinctive and attract attention by means of sight and touch.

Miralles Cartonajes, with a promotional case for the Chivas Premium Whisky range, with outstanding printing and special finishes, a structural design and the option of reuse by the consumer, and the Flexomed company from Murcia, with an isothermal container for two bottles of wine which can be carried like a backpack or bag complete the list of winners in this category. 

Organic oil, saccharine and make-up

The food packaging section included a container for organic olive oil from Finca Telena, made by Glasspackaging, which uses a powder coating with organic paint to achieve sustainable packaging with a cutting-edge design. In the pharmacy and parapharmacy packaging category, the Dagutan saccharine dispenser designed by Nova Corbyn was declared the winner due to its functional and aesthetic design. In the health and beauty section, the winning packaging was Guerlain Terracotta Route des Illes made by Quadpack Industries, a luxury wooden case with a mirror and a magnetic clasp which, together with the product contained inside, evoke a compass. In the Premiumpack speciality, the award went to the Porto Cask 150 wine label printed by Gráficas Varias, with outstanding paper, typographies and chromatic sobriety in keeping with the exceptional packaging.

Two awards were presented in the home products category: One for the Concentralia Ecofoam System Home packaging made by Salló Kyra and the other for a 100% biodegradable and compostable pack for Flopp organic detergents in water-soluble capsules made by Careli 2007. The former stands out due to its product preparation and dosage system, as well as the sleeve which covers it, and the latter because it is a fully sustainable packaging in keeping with the product it contains.

Logistics and distribution

The Dailybox® made by Hinojosa Packaging won the award in the logistics and distribution category. This is an alternative to plastic, paper and raffia bags, made of recycled cardboard to facilitate shopping and to improve the experience of home deliveries performed by supermarkets. In addition to being sustainable, it is highly stable, convenient to use and reusable. Similarly, the Úpalet® Logistics made by the Valencian Alpesa company also won an award in this section. Made of 100% recycled cardboard, it is therefore recyclable and biodegradable. In addition, it is very light, offers the same robustness as its wooden and plastic counterparts and provides benefits in terms of logistics and the prevention of occupational hazards.

In addition, the high-volume folding industrial reel made of corrugated cardboard by the Font Packaging Group, which does not require adhesives or staples to be assembled and used, also received an award. This recyclable and biodegradable packaging system for light loads of up to 50 kg reduces logistical costs by 80%.

Finally, in the miscellaneous category for containers and packaging in different sectors, the following projects were selected: the Packaging Studio Natur by Gráficas Salnes, designed to transport the FINSA natural wood catalogue conveniently and safely, the Publisac range of flexible containers made by Climesa, with flexographic or digital printing, depending on the number produced, to serve as support for advertising campaigns, and the Capsa eZ-Plus made by Capsa Packaging, a box which meets the shipping, storage and return needs demanded by e-commerce in a sustainable and efficient manner.

In the speciality involving students, the winners were Javier Rollano, Tania Barona, Marc Grasa and Mireia Valle from the Salesians de Sarrià School in Barcelona for their PackA Egg project, premium cardboard packaging for chocolate Easter eggs which is resistant to being dropped, a product resulting from the challenge launched by the Lis Pere Camps confectionery store to protect its Ou Negre product. 

Liderpack - Popai POS Awards

Six projects were selected in the POS speciality and will receive a LiderPack-Popai Award, presented by Popai, the Global Association for Marketing at Retail. The six projects were: Ades Alimento de Semillas, designed by the Wylma Blein agency to present a new vegetable drink inside a super-seed, APEX - cross-merchandising for drinks produced by Grupo Om, a system with suction cups to highlight drinks in refrigerated units, DANONE’s extendible Activia cardboard tray to enhance its presence at the point of sale, the Dagutan display by Nova Corbyn for Faes Farma with a system of guides to dispense each unit, the Nivea plane by Tot Display, a large piece with a structural design and a high visual impact to highlight the brand, the Moritz Display made by Garrofé to promote a limited-edition beer, made of natural cardboard with the profile of the brand’s logo, and the Bimbo - Pastelitos FS display by Tot Display to replicate these sweets in a hyper-realistic and appetizing manner to attract consumers.

In its deliberations, the jury, made up of a dozen professionals and experts from different areas of the packaging industry, the design world, logistics, marketing and advertising, took into account aspects such as the use of sustainable materials and processes, cost savings, the functionality and experience of use, the design and the power of the graphic image, as well as improvements introduced into the logistics chain and distribution. The great quality of the projects submitted was evident at the awards.

The awards ceremony will take place next March at Graphispag 2019, the International Printing Industry and Communication Exhibition.