RDM Group’s chief sustainability and innovation officer, Krzysztof Krajewski, introduces the company’s new resilient, uncoated cartonboard that aims to align with consumer trends.

Demand for recycled and recyclable packaging is rising – even causing concerns about shortages. Indeed, consumers are increasingly seeking it out in the aisles of their local supermarkets, while e-commerce is also driving the trend.

Regulation is playing its part, too. The European Union’s proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation aims to cut the amount of waste going to landfill and has a target of 2030 for all packaging to be recyclable.

RDM Group is already the largest maker of recycled cartonboard in Europe and we have high hopes for the latest addition to our family – the uncoated Syros Duo Brown, made from 100% recycled fibers and designed to appeal to consumers who associate recycled paper and card with a natural brown look.

Developed in Spain

Drawing on our extensive experience, we’ve developed Syros Duo Brown at our Paprinsa mill, 130 kilometers from Barcelona in Spain, and while it is still to be officially launched, we are already seeing huge interest from our customers – the converters who turn our cartonboard into packaging.

“Its quality is consistent and stable, making it ideal as a replacement for plastic packaging, for folders and envelopes, laminated food trays and plates”

The feedback they’ve given us is that Syros Duo Brown is just what the market wants. A highly recyclable, natural-looking cartonboard, with the resilience needed for high-speed printing and folding. No bleeding or cracking. And its quality is consistent and stable, making it ideal as a replacement for plastic packaging, folders and envelopes, laminated food trays and plates, and boxes.


Our customers’ own customers are impressed for the same reasons and have identified more advantages: the quality of the printing means they can easily change the information on the packaging, personalizing it or adding specific bar codes and batch numbers for late-stage differentiation. They also love that it’s a natural-looking brown, not the dull grey of raw recycled board.

Reducing emissions

This is thanks to our technicians, who developed a new pulp recipe with a little brown pigmentation specifically for the two outer layers. These layers, like the others that make up the cartonboard, are still made of 100% recycled fibers from post-consumer waste with the contaminants removed.

A further bonus is that it doesn’t need special machinery, so it can be made at most of our other mills too, which, along with fewer inputs, makes it a lower-cost product.

It can be recycled at home along with standard paper. No sorting, no special collection point, just straight into the paper bin – from where it might just find its way back to us to be made into cartonboard once again.

Taken together, all this means Syros Duo Brown is a cost-effective option.

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