Swisse Wellness has adopted a series of packaging innovations to protect the authenticity and purity of its products worldwide. 

The first brand protection innovation was new product package labeling, first seen in 2016 and continuing to roll out on hundreds of Swisse products worldwide—more than 150 to date. Among other features, the company’s next- generation labels introduce a unique, scannable Swisse brand protection icon that cannot be replicated. The Swisse Product Authentication Mobile App, which was unveiled in 2017, uses world-class scanning technology that allows consumers to easily recognise and verify authentic Swisse labels by scanning these icons using their cell phones. The icon associated with the App cannot be replicated and uses the most advanced surface scan identification technology available.

Swisse customers in Australia now see another distinctive brand identification feature inside product containers. There, the company has introduced a new desiccant sachet with a printed Swisse logo, produced by Clariant Healthcare Packaging. When inserted into product bottles during the filling process, desiccant sachets like these help preserve the stability and shelf life of active ingredients in drugs, nutraceuticals, and supplements by adsorbing moisture that can make its way into packages and degrade their contents. The new, branded desiccant sachets are now widely available in Swisse products sold in Australia and are expected to roll out to Swisse product globally in the near future. 

Managing Director Oliver Horn reinforced the company’s commitment to brand protection and consumer trust as an important responsibility: “Consumer trust in our brand is a key priority. Swisse has seen great success globally through our commitment to producing high-quality products, using premium formulas, but we know with premium, in-demand products, there are always likely to be individuals wanting to exploit.

“We have had a very considered approach to our strategy around anti-counterfeit, and have been working on developing our Product Authentication App for a number of years. This has been a large investment for our brand and something we wanted to make sure was spot on and easy for our consumers to navigate before we introduced to the market,” says Horn. 

The new Swisse-branded desiccant sachets complement the new packaging strategy, explains Harry Brooks, Managing Director of Alchemy Performance Packaging. Based in Brisbane, Alchemy is the Clariant Healthcare Packaging distributor that suggested the branded desiccant concept. 

“Swisse sought solutions that reflected the brand’s high standards for premium, high-quality ingredients,” said Brooks. “So, instead of a typical desiccant sachet to protect the contents from moisture, Alchemy Performance Packaging proposed a Clariant desiccant sachet made with medical-grade Tyvek®, filled with Clariant Sorb-It® silica gel and a printed Swisse logo.”

In addition to protecting container contents, this distinctive desiccant solution would also meet the demands of Swisse’s production and supply chain—a vital consideration when one considers that all Swisse products are manufactured and packaged in facilities approved by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The desiccant sachets comply with global food and drug regulatory requirements, as well as USP <670> requirements for packaging that has primary contact with solid-dose tablets. 

The desiccants are sourced exclusively from Clariant Healthcare Packaging and produced in one of Clariant’s four worldwide ISO 15378 (GMP) certified desiccant production facilities, whose identical production capabilities assure uninterrupted product supply.  The desiccants are produced and printed by Clariant in the form of Continu-Strip® packets, which are wound onto a reel for continuous, automatic feeding, cutting, and insertion into containers by automated insertion equipment. “We were particularly happy to collaborate with Clariant to produce a unique Swisse-branded desiccant, as we were able to solve multiple challenges simultaneously,” said Jane van Haandel, Manager-Existing Product Development for Swisse Wellness. “This desiccant solution assists with the stability of our products, supports our brand protection measures, and contributes to the strength of the Swisse global brand.”

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