SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG is launching the Smart Peel, a new top film offering safety and convenience.

Smart Peel enables tear-proof opening without stringing thanks to the SÜDPACK peel system for PP-based packaging in a wide variety of geometric shapes, from bowls or trays, to cups and even buckets.

One for all: Smart Peel developed by Südpack is a top film designed for a wide range of applications with sealing on PP. The product features are reflected in the name: SMART stands for Safe, Minimal, All-round, Resistant and Thin. Smart Peel is suitable for PP bowls and trays as well as for buckets and cups in all shapes and sizes. This makes it the right choice for consumer product packaging of cream cheese, yoghurt, bakery products, sauces, confectionery or technical products, as well as for large-size restaurant packaging of salads and marinades.

"We are proud to introduce Smart Peel to the market. It is a versatile product with optimal peel and seal properties. Smart Peel can also be used to seal buckets which means that we can now supply companies in the restaurant industry with an absolutely reliable top film", explains SÜDPACK Managing Director Carolin Grimbacher.

White colouring for quality and appearance

Smart Peel achieves a new level of product protection and attractiveness thanks to its special white colouring. This eliminates the need for subsequent white printing and gives the packaging a high-quality look and feel. It also offers an ideal background for printed designs. White colouring also offers advantages in terms of product quality. Its opacity protects products from the effects of light and helps prevent spoilage.

Peeling and secure sealing

Two of the key strengths of Smart Peel are its outstanding peeling properties and optimal sealing. The film is available in two versions: one for thermal applications such as precooked meals, and one for cold products like fresh fruit and vegetables. It is always easy to open without tearing or stringing. Smart Peel’s outstanding resistance to punctures or tears ensures more reliability in the packaging process. Thanks to its high barrier properties, it can also be used to pack perishable foods, including dairy products and processed fruit.

The sealing layer was developed by SÜDPACK and it is based on many years of experience in developing packaging solutions. The Smart Peel sealing process securely closes the packaging, even along narrow edges. Seams are absolutely leakproof to ensure optimal product protection for jams and other portioned packages. The packaging is protected from contamination in the packing process and can be safely stacked and transported. The seal remains intact even when the packaging is inadvertently dropped. And thanks to the SÜDPACK peel system, the Smart Peel seal always looks great – unsightly crimped edges are a thing of the past.