Sonoco has been awarded the Best Injection (IML) Package, Gold Award and the Best of Show Award at the eleventh annual IMDA Awards for its Tartex vegan pate containers.

The IMDA Awards recognize the industry’s best in-mold labeled (IML) packaging, in-mold decorated (IMD) durable products and labels in multiple categories.

Tartex uses customized PermaSafe® IML packaging from Sonoco, which combines maximum convenience and long shelf life with an eye-catching appearance at the point of sale. The spreads have been sold in European health food stores since October 2015. 

A pioneer in vegan nutrition, Tartex introduced the first 100% plant-based spread more than 70 years ago. Today, the Tartex brand is produced by Allos Hof-Manufaktur, a subsidiary of the Wessanen Group based in the Netherlands that specializes in healthy foods and sustainable food production. Tartex spreads are sold across Germany and other European countries in organic supermarkets and health food stores.

“We closely collaborated with our customer, Allos Hof-Manufaktur, to customize a package based on our PermaSafe containers,” said Andreas Rothschink, European sales director of plastic packaging at Sonoco. “PermaSafe packaging is lightweight and attractive, and offers a new and eye-catching alternative to the traditional metal cans often used for similar foods.”

Sonoco incorporated several special touches into the container, including a barrel design that replicates tiny wooden slats and a special matte finish. In addition to being visually appealing, the barrel structure enhances rigidity and reduces the amount of material required. The matte label was custom-developed by Sonoco to impart a natural, paper-like feel, underscoring the natural appeal of the product.

The packaging is also safe and functional. The user-friendly lid is easy to open and resealable, and the die-cut aluminum membrane seals the packaging. "After sterilization, the spreads keep in the PermaSafe container for twelve months without refrigeration," said Rothschink. "This makes IML packaging a modern and consumer-friendly alternative to metal cans."

In the IML process, the polypropylene containers are manufactured and labeled in a single operation. Key advantages include the container's eye-catching appearance at the point of sale and the option of wrap-around labeling. IML is also beneficial in terms of recycling, because there is no need to separate materials.

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