The new EU Directive 2014/47 came into force in Europe on 20 May 2018. It introduces new rules for securing transport packaging and requires the stability of every cargo to be tested and certified. Liability is simultaneously transferred from the carrier to the customer. 

As a Europeean association of small and medium-sized packaging wholesalers and logistics experts, PackSynergy offers a measuring system which enables an objective verification of the required cargo safety while reducing material use by up to 50 percent.

The new EU Directive 2014/47 came into force throughout Europe on Sunday, 20 May 2018. The introduction of this new legislation results in significantly higher requirements for pallet transport within the EU. At the same time, the liability for damages has been transferred from the carrier to the customer. Companies which fail to comply with the new directive face heavy fines.

The newly defined inspection method is based on an acceleration test, which is carried out on a test pallet is subjected on a loading platform and which quantifies the stiffness of palleted goods when subjected to horizontal inertia forces.  The maximum elastic deformation must not be greater than ten percent and the maximum permanent deformation no more than five percent. Furthermore, the packaging must not be damaged during testing.

“As Europe’s leading network of packaging experts, PackSynergy provides relevant companies with an electronic measuring system which enables an objective assessment and efficient optimisation of the stretching process while securing loading units”, explains Thomas A. Baur, CEO of PackSynergy AG. This innovative system is offered as a service. “Our customers don’t need to dig deep into their budgets, in other words, in order to save a lot of time and money”, Baur emphasises.

The PackSynergy measuring system determines the restraint forces which are necessary to secure the cargo when using stretch wrap. “Our customers are able to form secure, verifiable and documented loading units in this way”, he adds. “Not only does the calculation demonstrate the essential compliance with the new requirements; it also adds even more value by reducing stretch wrap use by up to 50 percent. There tends to be considerable room for improvement whenever stretch wrap is employed to secure loading units. When it comes to costs, safety and efficiency, our measuring system helps the companies concerned leverage valuable resources fast”, Baur continues.

With its 14 member companies and almost 30 facilities in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, the PackSynergy network represents regional market leaders in large parts of Europe. Baur: “We supply a measuring system and the high performance wrap to go with it from a single source. There’s no easier, more efficient and more worthwhile way to achieve compliance with the new EU directive.”