A novel dosing syringe label by Schreiner MediPharm supports reliable and exact dosing of a medicine for children as part of a clinical trial. The specialty label was developed for the syringe system made by Raumedic.

It serves as a visual barrier, protecting the adjustment button and prevents healthcare staff from accidently activating the mechanism too early. Potential dosage errors of the medicine and false trial outcomes can thus be avoided. Liquid medicines for oral administration are typically measured and dispensed using dosing aids such as measuring cups, measuring spoons and dosing syringes. This entails the risk of dosage errors.

Commissioned by a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer, Raumedic, a developer and manufacturer of customized components and systems for medical device technology and pharma, developed a dosing system to reduce the risk of dosage errors when dispensing critical medications. The “Liquid Dosing Device” is based on commonly used oral syringes for volumes of one, five and ten milliliters and has an innovative mechanism for fixing the setting of the dose to be dispensed. The mechanism is equipped with a button with which the healthcare professional can adjust the correct dose and fix the selected setting by pushing the button before using the syringe for the first time—a system that is new to healthcare staff and therefore entails the risk of the button accidentally being pushed too early. The syringe setting would thus be fixed at a wrong level and could no longer be readjusted to the correct level, which would result in under- or overdosing. 

Schreiner MediPharm designed a protective label for this requirement that is wrapped around the syringe, smoothly and safely covering the button. This visual barrier avoids the risk of the user accidentally pushing the button; it only becomes visible after the required dose has been drawn up and the label opened at the starter tab. Afterwards the button can be locked by depressing it—the required quantity is thus preset for all subsequent administrations. Additionally, the label includes a reference to the user directions that should be read before fixing the dose. 

The main challenge Schreiner MediPharm’s experts in Clinical Trial Services faced in this product development project was the label’s design. The multilayer label had to ensure ease of use and be optimally adapted to the shape of the syringe. In addition, a specific stiffness and adhesion of the label was required. The tailored dosing syringe label enhances the safety of handling the dosing syringe and helps avoid dosage errors. This increases patient safety during clinical trials, supports medication compliance and addresses potential sources of error in risk assessment.