The product consists of a cover based on PET, with or without high barrier depending on the requirements of the client, weldable to APET trays. Tests carried out in the heat-sealing facilities of the manufacturer of the trays Klöckner Pentaplast KP, European leader in this sector, have proved the tray sealing and the water tightness required for the preservation of the product.

The Saica Monoflex cover is manufactured and distributed with up to a 46% reduction in its thickness which generates large efficiencies in transport and storage since the new coil has more meters of product maintaining the same weight and volume. In addition, the productive efficiency in the packaging lines reduces the changes, decreases the losses and increases product yield.

Saica Flex Product and Application Development Manager, Ricardo Cañavate, said: “This allows us to do more with less. Without a doubt, we have launched a unique product that offers environmental benefits that enhance the positioning and reputation of our customers.”

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