The Recreate Packaging 2018 design competition challenges students and professional designers around the world to create innovative food packaging for kids.

The competition, organised by Stora Enso, is now open for registration on until 22nd December 2017.  Taste is visual, and an appealing package can alter not only the general impression but also the perceived taste of a food product. The Recreate Packaging by Stora Enso is a design competition that seeks new packaging ideas and solutions based on renewable fibre-based materials. This time, the designers' task is to rethink food packaging to make the whole product experience appealing, fun and enjoyable for kids.  

The entrants will receive a comprehensive material kit from Stora Enso, including high-quality packaging paper and board for exploring ideas and creating mock-ups. In spring 2018, the entries will be evaluated by an expert jury.

First prize will be EUR 5 000 in both the student and professional categories. In addition, a Kids' Choice Award of EUR 2 000 will be granted by a kids' jury and a Public Choice Award of EUR 3 000 will be given to the winner of the voting on the competition website. 

"Modern families are active and constantly on the go, and the children have a big impact on purchasing decisions. It is challenging to make packages that appeal not only to kids and their parents, but also to retail distributors. The younger generation makes conscious choices and cares about our planet, so the packages need to offer convenience, make food easily accessible, be fun and encourage healthy eating and sustainable living. We look forward to seeing new innovative ideas on how to make the most out of paperboard for the best product experience, form and function," says Annica Bresky, Jury Chairman and Head of the Stora Enso Consumer Board division. 

The Stora Enso Recreate Packaging competition has been organised biennially since 2012. The competition is widely recognized in the international design community, and in media and social channels, which provide great opportunities for talented designers to stand out.