PWR Pack is presenting line with four robot cell for packaging all types of food products including baked goods, confectionery, snacks and more at interpack 2017. 

PWR Pack International BV specialises in robotic packaging solutions for the food industry. The Dutch company develops individually tailored concepts that use innovative, modular technology solutions to offer the greatest possible flexibility and efficiency in the automatic packaging of a wide range of products. Visitors to interpack can expect to see new innovations featuring Pick & Place Robotic Systems for particularly sensitive products and indeed all types of food products, at the company’s booth at interpack 2017 in Hall 14, Stand C24.

Fully automated high-performance pick and place system with four grippersPWR Pack’s presentation at the show will focus on a complete line with a high-performance four robot cell. Visitors can see for themselves how the innovative system picks and places different types of products for packaging at high speed. The picker cells four mechanical-pneumatic high-performance grippers gently pick up the products and set them down in the right place with the greatest care and precision, even in cases of in-feed fluctuations.

The grippers are made either by 3D printing or entirely from stainless steel and feature a well-thought-out hygienic design, which makes them easy to clean and ensures the greatest possible food safety. With the help of the state-of-the-art PWR Pack distribution software working in conjunction with our specially designed 2D and 3D vision systems, all which are developed in-house, the speed of all modules is coordinated and the full monitoring of all production steps is ensured. This allows the exact alignment of the products in the perfect position and the reliable elimination of defective goods.

PWR Pack will provide a live demonstration of four different applications: Gently picking up and placing biscuits or confectionary products as well as filled bags, carefully lifting delicate products that are placed into preformed trays from the top and cutting bread using an ultrasonic knife on the end of our robot. Visitors can experience how quickly the unit can be converted between applications.  

Five-axis robot for maximum precisionAnother trade show highlight provided by the robotics specialist will be an innovative five-axis robot made from carbon fibre reinforced polymer. With this particularly lightweight design, the swiveling motion of the gripper is performed with maximum precision and at an even higher speed. This unique solution offers many benefits including fast and very accurate tilting of the products, reduced complexity of the gripper, less moving parts in the gripper, higher accuracy in picking and placing and less maintenance for the customer. PWR Pack will demonstrate the extraordinary performance of this 5-axis robot using highly sensitive baked goods with distinctive contours as an example. Visitors will see the unit gently gripping, picking up and stacking products. Sophisticated, tried-and-tested technology by PWR Pack ensures that the five-axis robot achieves maximum performance with consistently high precision.

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