Point Five Packaging, a supplier of modified atmosphere packaging equipment and premium packaging solutions for various food industry sectors, has introduced the P5-RM Semi-Automatic Seal System. Ideal for any food production or packaging environment, the machine is easily configurable for sealing trays or cups using Modified Atmosphere packaging, vacuum skin packaging, or seal-only packaging.

Stand alone, self-contained, and portable, the P5-RM can be tailored to suit a wide set of customer needs. The manual, easy-to-operate rotary table considerably cuts cycle times and optimizes output as it enables sealing, loading and unloading to occur simultaneously. The operator loads pre-filled containers into the machine and manually rotates the table under the seal head; while the seal head engages to seal, MAP or VSP the containers, the operator readies the second nest plate with product. Upon completion of the seal cycle, the operator rotates the table again and repeats the cycle. The P5-RM can be combined with system conveyors, fillers and depositors to create a super-efficient automation cell.

The P5-RM can produce up to 28 sealed containers, 20 MAP trays and 16 VSP trays per minute. Seal head changeover can be performed in under five minutes, and a user-friendly PLC color touchscreen interface allows quick, simple product setup, storage of up to 99 unique recipes, and multiple language selection. The machine handles film widths up to 14.5” (370mm) and tray depths up to 5.5” (140mm). Film sealing, MAP and vacuum skin packing can all be achieved on the same seal head.

The machine offers a variety of competitive advantages. Its heavy-duty 304 stainless steel wash-down construction is ideal for food packing environments, and its tool-less vacuum chamber removal further ensures high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Film rack loading is simple and includes automatic scrap take-up; optional print registration affords precision quality control. Value-added options range from a selection of alternative vacuum pump sizes to a seal head storage cart with an efficiency-minded preheating feature.

“As with all our packaging solutions, the P5-RM semi-automatic rotary action tray seal system can easily accommodate a wide variety of food packaging operations,” said Greg Levy, President of Point Five Packaging. “Point Five prides itself on our ability to deliver effective shelf life solutions that exemplify performance, productivity, and flexibility.”

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