Gerresheimer will be at booth A225 at the Pharmtech & Ingredients international exhibition in Moscow (Crocus Expo IEC) from November 21 to 24, presenting innovative glass and plastic products and solutions for packaging and administering medicines safely and easily. 

“There is a trend toward small-scale production and multi-purpose lines, meaning RTU (ready-to-use) packaging is becoming more common, especially when it comes to vials and syringes.” This is the point Nikolaus Netzel, Product Manager Prefillable Systems at Gerresheimer, will be making in his talk on the development of prefillable system applications for syringes and injection vials on November 23, from 10:30 to 11 a.m. 

Gx® InnoSafe™: Ideal for pharma companies and end usersWith their exposed cannulas, used syringes are a source of risk at physicians’ surgeries, laboratories, and hospitals the world over. Although existing needle protection systems reduce the risk of injury for the end user, they are more complex for pharma companies to fill and must be handled by medical specialists. With the Gx InnoSafe, Gerresheimer is now offering a syringe with an integrated passive safety system that avoids inadvertent needlestick injuries, prevents repeated use, and is designed with pharmaceutical companies’ production processes in mind as well as being simple and intuitive for medical specialists to use. 

Gx RTF® vials, the Ompi EZ-fill® packaging processes, and a specialist presentationGerresheimer’s RTF vials are supplied using the well-known Ompi EZ-fill® packaging format, allowing customers to purchase identically packaged sterile injection vials from two different manufacturers. 

TE ring – now firmly attached to the bottleThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now stipulates that the TE ring must be firmly attached to the bottle to protect the original contents. This product change was very easy to make, owing to Gerresheimer’s experience with the type B dropper bottle, which already has a fixed TE ring. Production of dropper bottles with fixed TE rings will get under way at the company’s sites in Poland, India, and the U.S. in the third quarter of 2017. 

Gx® Elite vials – the top of their classThis range by Gerresheimer sets new standards for type I vials made from borosilicate glass. Gx Elite vials are a premium-quality, zero-defect product thanks to comprehensive optimization of the conversion process – from the tubular glass through to final packaging of the vials – which, above all else, prevents glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal contact throughout the entire process chain. 

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