Petainer is launching petainerKeg™ Linestar in Brazil.  Linestar is an advanced keg system designed to enhance the benefits of the classic, one-way PET keg, thanks to its superior filling, handling and logistical performance.  

petainerKeg™ Linestar features a solid and robust external casing, designed to run on most steel keg filling lines. It offers breweries all the advantages of the classic petainerKeg™ with a host of additional benefits such as increased resilience throughout the supply chain, lightweight (compared to steel), stackable, ergonomically designed for handling, and providing 2,800cm² of space for branding opportunities. 

Ricardo Leonel Vieira, Brazil Country Manager, Petainer said: “We have identified the opportunity to help breweries make a seamless transition from steel to PET kegs without the need for a bespoke filling system.  Linestar allows breweries to use spare capacity on existing steel keg lines and enables our customers to grow new markets thanks to its superior logistical performance.” 

Linestar is already popular with many breweries who are expanding their markets and need to transport their beer over long distances. The keg cuts out the costly return logistics and washing processes involved with traditional steel keg fleets because it can simply be recycled when empty. 

Isaac Tremblay, President and Director of Business Development at Le Trou du Diable in Quebec, Canada, said: “We chose the new Linestar because it looks great and is easy to use in terms of filling and handling.  As we expand our business, we use Linestar to send our beer across Canada and to the USA, and export it to Europe more cost-effectively.” 

Brian Eyers Supply Chain Manager of Muskoka Brewery said: “We are focusing on expanding our market by exporting our draught beer beyond our local province. Petainer’s Linestar has provided us with an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for exporting our beer across Canada and into the USA.” 

Linestar is also easy to use in bars and other on trade outlets as it is compatible with universal coupling systems and is simple to disassemble once empty, saving valuable storage space.

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