At this year’s EuroPack / CFIA event, visitors will discover how they can lower total cost of ownership and maximize productivity using Omron’s complete robotics and automation system solutions.

Omron will be at the EuroPack-EuroManut-CFIA event in Lyon, from 21-23 November, demonstrating how it can create smart, flexible production facilities that help customers stay competitive and prepare for the future. The system on show at the Omron stand (Hall 6, stand H76-I75) combines different applicative demos and uses ‘smart’ data to deliver tailored production efficiency to meet actual demand.

The specific products on show at the stand include a Quattro robot for pick-and-place applications, two mobile robots (LD60s), a high speed vision system, and a Sysmac Machine Controller. More importantly, all of them are connected via the cloud to deliver a complete, integrated, smart solution. This solution is just one example of Omron's ‘i-Automation’ concept which aims to provide customers with intelligent, integrated and interactive solutions that support Industry 4.0 by enhancing the digitalization of manufacturing.

Because the system is completely linked, the data collected can be analyzed to help overall system control. A key part of the Industry 4.0 future, smart data allows a system’s production rates to be tailored to meet actual demand shifting from the traditional “push-production” approach of many industries to one of pull-production. Smart data also means problems can be detected, analyzed and located in a timely fashion, allowing operators to determine the best maintenance schedule and minimize downtime.

The Quattro robot is a four-axis parallel robot that achieves high speed and high precision for pick-and-place applications. Combined with the vision system, it enables highly accurate pick-and-place control to deliver high speed action, even when moving delicate objects. In addition to speeding production and reducing energy usage, the vision system also contributes to food insurance as it can quickly identify damaged goods, wrong / missing information on labels, or production issues. This allows only the affected batches to be pulled without having to perform expensive recalls. The mobile robots help improve health and safety for human operators by transporting heavy loads between stations. The complete system is controlled by a Sysmac control system that manages the processes and secure communication via the cloud.

“Our latest system solution aims to answer the challenges faced by today’s food and beverage industry,” said Stéphane Chômienne, General Manager Omron. “It gives more flexibility to deal with increasing SKU numbers, and better data collection and reporting. The automation also helps retain labour while dealing with the skills gap. Together with lowering costs, it promotes low maintenance and ensures maximum uptime. Furthermore, customers brands are better protected through the highest quality production standards.”

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