Australian winemaker Accolade Wines has unveiled “Banrock Station”, an augmented reality (AR) experience that takes users around the world to check out some of the company’s 130+ environmental projects.

Also, they can plant their own virtual tree in support of Banrock’s commitment to planting 100,000 native trees and shrubs every year.

The Banrock Station Environmental Trust was established in 1995 to re-invest profits from the sale of wines from the Banrock Station brand, into global environmental projects. Over the last 20 years, it has contributed over AUD$6 million to these projects across 13 countries, from protecting turtles in the Great Barrier Reef to supporting polar bear and orangutan rehabilitation.

Powered by Zappar’s WebAR technology, the experience works in any modern smartphone’s browser, with no app download required. Users can explore the Banrock Station vineyard as an interactive, topographical map and zoom in to take a closer look at the wetland creatures including the vulnerable Regent Parrot, Pelicans, Spoonbills as well as Kangaroos.

The AR experience allows consumers to check out videos of the local walking trails and see how Accolade’s ecological work has resulted in the area being designated of international significance. They can then explore a 3D globe to see the scale of the company’s environmental work, with beams of light signifying the individual project locations.

Next, users can plant an AR tree in their living room and nurture it to full growth while learning about the environmental/carbon benefits of planting real trees and Accolade’s global tree planting initiative.

The experience also features links to more information on the range of Banrock Station wines and the 4,700-acre vineyard on the banks of the ‘Mighty Murray’, Australia’s largest river.

Zoe Knight, global brand manager at Accolade Wines, commented: “These environmental projects form an important part of our DNA, and AR was the perfect way to bring this to life in front of thousands of consumers across the world.”

Zappar sales director, Martin Stahel added, “Accolade Wines recognise that the wine label represents a powerful media channel which is in front of their consumers. Through AR it has used the label to bring to life an incredible story of supporting endangered natural habitats across the world as well as their ongoing commitment to plant thousands of native trees and shrubs every year.”