COLINES and ExxonMobil’s low-thickness High Tenacity Hand Wrap film was unveiled at NPE 2024; it reportedly contains 35% post-consumer recycled material and is designed for both manual and automatic application.

The 8μm film is said to offer up 50-100% prestretch, high quality, and ‘excellent’ retain force characteristics. Due to its thin gauge, it is believed to enable high line speeds of 600 m/min.

Furthermore, the ‘great flow’ at the edges of the film is set to facilitate roll-to-roll consistency.

ExxonMobil developed the film’s formula alongside COLINES’ R&D department. It utilizes such raw materials as Enable 1617, which was also launched at NPE; its presence is thought to bring high-flow and high melt strength to the table. As such, the High Tenacity Hand Wrap film claims to provide ‘great’ processability.

According to COLINES, the film demonstrates the versatility of its ALLrollEX lines for stretch film extrusion. These solutions come with an in-line edge folding system, which is set to benefit the production of high-PCR content films for use on automatic machinery.

Artificial intelligence technology has also been integrated into the lines via COLINES’ Virtual Production Assistant MASTERMIND. By automating time-consuming operations, it is designed to negate the need for human intervention and benefit the daily operations of an extrusion line.

ALLrollEX lines can also be equipped with continuous filter, COLINES explains. Without the need to stop the production process for filter replacement, lines are expected to operate uninterrupted.

In a related development to the High Tenacity Hand Wrap film, ATS-Tanner’s high-strength banding film is said to contain a minimum of 35% post-consumer recycled polypropylene. The solution is designed for compatibility with ultrasonic and heat sealing technologies while lowering customers’ reliance on virgin plastics.

Mondi and Meurer have attempted to replace plastic shrink film altogether, securing coffee packs in transit using a secondary kraft paper packaging solution. Apparently, this alternative is recyclable and compliant with both existing machinery and EU legislation.

Also on display at NPE 2024 was Reifenhäuser Extrusion SystemsCoextrusion Adapter Flex for cast, sheet, and coating extrusion; and Proco Machinery’s cobot palletizing system for applying trays and tier sheets to plastic bottles.

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