Celebrating its 200th anniversary, Cadbury has released limited-edition ‘retro’ chocolate bar packaging, launched a new television advert, and partnered with Alzheimer’s Research UK – evoking the brand’s history to connect with consumers, direct them towards charitable causes, and boost brand loyalty.

The 180g Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars, alongside 95g PMP packs, will be sold in seven different, collectable packaging designs. These emulate Cadbury packaging from across the brand’s history, starting in 1915 and reaching the present day.

Upon opening the pack, consumers will find special illustrations reflecting the brand’s ‘milestone moments’. The company anticipates that consumers from a range of generations will be able to identify, and emotionally connect to, the packaging they were familiar with in their youth.

Furthermore, its “Generations of Generosity” TV advert follows the story of a little girl buying her mother a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk for her birthday. The setting, technology, and fashion change around the girl and the shopkeeper as time advances across 200 years of life in Britain, starting from 1824 and ending in the modern era.

As such, it is described as ‘an emotional reboot of a classic advert which celebrates small, shared moments of generosity’. It expects to raise brand awareness and help retailers increase their sales, while also enhancing brand loyalty and forming emotional connections between the product and consumers.

Additionally, Cadbury’s partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK will involve a £200,000 donation in pursuit of a cure for dementia and increased awareness of the condition. More information about the collaboration is available on Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar packaging, including direction to the charity’s website to learn more about the contribution consumers can make to its cause.

“We’re really looking forward to celebrating 200 years of Cadbury belonging to our nation this year,” says Bryony Tate, Cadbury brand manager at Mondelēz International. “The British public has played such an important role in our history and we’re proud to celebrate being yours.

“We hope that the launch of our Limited-Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar packaging will bring a smile to people’s faces, with the seven retro designs offering something for everyone!

“From the thrill of a little treat shared with a loved one, to special occasions and even getting the entire nation excited for milestone cultural events, like Royal Coronations and the London Olympics, Cadbury has belonged to our nation for 200 years. But really, it’s thanks to the whole British public that Cadbury is still here today.

“We’re planning for an exciting year ahead and lots more announcements to come so stay tuned!”

In a similar move, Kellogg’s partnered with Deldea Design, HP Indigo, and Precision Proco Group to design and digitally print limited-edition Corn Flakes cereal packaging in celebration of its centenary anniversary in 2022.

To commemorate its own 125th anniversary, Pepsi upgraded its logo across its packaging and other physical and digital touchpoints for the first time in 14 years; and Parkside joined forces with Sainsbury’s and Compleat Food Group to release a special edition, recyclable pack of sausage rolls to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

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