A new cobot palletizing system from Proco Machinery seeks to improve efficiency and profitability, lower manufacturing costs, and reduce reliance on manual labour by palletizing trays and tier sheets for plastic bottles.

Trays and tier sheets can be palletized up to 104 inches high. Proco Machinery explains that the system is flexible and can be configured into a case packer – meaning it can be integrated ‘seamless[ly]’ into existing production lines, thus minimizing disruptions and downtime.

Combining the palletizing and case-packing processes is also thought to optimize a company’s utilization of warehouse space. The system as a whole is set to unlock greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness to improve the overall performance of a manufacturer’s operations.

“The Cobot revolution is firmly underway and soon Proco Cobot systems will be integrated by all forward-thinking manufacturers,” said John McCormick, president of Proco Machinery. He argues that the system brings together efficiency, safety, flexibility, and sustainability to deliver a ‘compelling value proposition’ and ‘meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing industries’.

This includes increasing labour shortages, with a growing need for systems that reduce a company’s reliance on manual labour while boosting their productivity.

As a whole, Proco Machinery asserts that its automated systems offer market competitiveness and contribute towards bottom-line profitability.

The cobot system will launch at NPE 2024 on 6th – 10th May at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, with live demonstrations taking place at booth #S15097.

Previously, OMRON’s PLC-based cobot palletizing solution sought to cut down on programming time while meeting demand for more flexible production processes.

Additionally, Schneider Electric unveiled its Lexium cobot. The solution was designed to handle strong payloads, lower operational downtime, and ease the workloads of human operators.

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