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Ahlstrom’s fibre-based lid for single-serve coffee capsules is certified compostable in home and industrial conditions and aims to replace plastic and aluminium alternatives.

The patented PureLid structure is ready to seal on coffee capsules and is compatible with most common bio-based capsules currently on the market. Its oxygen barrier is intended to preserve the flavour and freshness of the coffee, while its built-in filter designed to retain dust and maintain the purity of the coffee.

TÜV has granted the lid OK compost HOME and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certifications. Its compostability is said to come hand-in-hand with both the oxygen barrier and the performance of the capsule.

All tests have been conducted with an independent laboratory certified and accredited to ISO 17025.

Philippe Sevoz, vice president of the Beverage & Casing business, says: “It was a substantial challenge to transition from industrial compostable solutions to home compostable ones while maintaining the high-performance standards of our coffee capsule lidding solutions and the crucial oxygen barrier. However, our team’s dedication and expertise have made PureLid a reality, setting a new standard for sustainable coffee packaging.

“Ahlstrom is committed to sustainability and innovation, and PureLid is a testament to our dedication to creating sustainable solutions for the coffee industry. We believe that PureLid will not only enhance the coffee experience but also contribute to a more sustainable future for our customers and their consumers.”

TIPA and ATI previously released their own fully compostable lid for coffee capsules. Said to be the first of its kind, it sought to adhere to upcoming compostability legislation and improve barrier protection, sealing properties, protection against material migration, and more.

Meanwhile, ALPLA’s Blue Circle brand previously launched recyclable, biodegradable coffee capsules thought to improve barrier properties, prevent odour migration, and provide a tasteless alternative to single-use pods.

In a similar move, TÜV Austria certified Solinatra’s biopolymer coffee capsules as industrially compostable last year.

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